Integrated environments is becoming more and more common in the decorations, because they provide a sense of continuity and of a large space. It is not for nothing that all the designers are focusing on this idea, showing how much of an environment that is free from the wall, it can be beneficial. Today, we bring you some tips for people who are wanting to renew your decor in an integrated environment, or even bet on the integration between the dining room and Living room, which is the most common form of an integrated environment in the decoration.

- COVER the Dining Room and to Be part of

Living room with dining area, making for a blend between the modern and the rustic style

Watch the video for some tips on decorating for the dining room and living room built

What are the advantages of Dining room and Living Room are Integrated?

To integrate the environments, it has one major advantage that it can also be beneficial for any homeowner, no matter how big or small, who did not want to give the amplitude and visually spacious?! When it comes to environments, intimate, and they give a closer proximity to the inhabitants of the house to bet on the Dining Room and to Be part of that is for sure!

Living / Dining room with Integrated 1

It is important that the furniture is for both to talk to each other.

In addition to this, they are two parts that complement each other, commodity, it is one of the key-words of the living Rooms that are integrated, after all, it’s easy to slip back and forth between the environment and the other with a broad overview of the available space.

– The decoration should be the same as that for the two of them?

Not necessarily, but it is important that there is harmony and continuity between the two rooms, just remember that the aim is to integrate the Living room and Dining Room! To convey a sense of the continuity of the decoration not to clash with itself so significantly. The main trick is to balance!

Living / Dining room with Integrated 2

Your light can be on the table in the dining room

If the idea of a single style decoration to add to the two environments, there is not much to his taste, and personality, and the ideal is for the set of two styles, which combine to make up the decor, for example, in an industrial-modern style. The continuity between these environments, it may be by a piece of furniture that takes up two spaces, or furniture that can show the similarity, for example, the coating and color of your dining room table, and coffee table.

Living / Dining room with Integrated 3

You can install a wood shop only to look at the two of environment

Another way to integrate the Living room and Dining Room is the color you have chosen, in this case, the following are the same as the line color is a great option for you! To complement the decor of the environment, it is possible to invest in the decorations with the colors that light up and stand out in the space.

Living / Dining room with Integrated 4

Living / dining room with wooden table and Eames chairs

In addition to all these options, it is possible to integrate the Living room and Dining Room and conveying a sense of the scale, but at the same time, define the spaces in between the environment and each other. The trick is to use a furniture, for each of these roles, for example, a sideboard or a desk buffet behind the couch, or even the screen is reused for the mark slightly with the space in between the Rooms.

Living / Dining room with Integrated 5

It is not necessary to follow the same design for all of the securities exchange

Top tips for not making mistakes in the decoration

Invest in furniture that can provide the comfort, both visual and physical, is quite an advantage, in view of an integrated environment that results in a more intimate way.

The rule is: there’s no light in the two environments, we don’t want to flood the Rooms. The enlightenment as a whole, it should be a well thought-out! Use a chandelier in your Dining Room and it is the most common, while in the other it is possible to use only a spot to give you a light directed at it, making the space as comfortable as possible.

Living / Dining room with Integrated 6 in

The ideal is to maintain the same type of flooring and furniture, and with similar colors to keep the harmonious environments

It is worth noting that the organization can’t be left out, after all, in addition to conveying the sense of continuity of space, and decoration, environments and integrated, may also convey a sense of the continuity of the clutter! Mirrors are always welcome, as they help to enlarge the space, but also make the decor modern and stylish!

Now that you have discovered that it may be advantageous to integrate the Living room and Dining Room flows to renew your decor!

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