Here are some ways on how to decorate a coffee table

The coffee table plays an important role in the living room. In addition to the decorative function, she has the role of being a support. The first clue of how to decorate a coffee table would be the choice of the table. The first thing you have to watch out for is the issue of the shares. Alias, the share of the furniture that is essential in any interior design.

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You must be able to circulate in the space without being esbarrando in the movies. Movies of very large leaves and the atmosphere, with a feeling of tightness. In spaces with very wide, for example, it is sometimes possible to use the 2 tables of the heart, it is a very elegant design.The one thing that is very interesting is to merge two tables with different heights.

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As for materials, there are several options: glass, wood, acrylic, mirror, and resin, marble, and some of them have more than one material. The issue is very much in the style of the project. The ways are many, and it can be round , square, and rectangular. In the time it’s something to watch out for.

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Now talking specifically of the decoration. On the table in the center, and nothing is too much empty. One of the core elements that I use a lot are in the books. I find that when it has to do with the person who lives up to the identity of the project. I like the larger, typically in the photos. The vessels are also elements that I use a lot. Also, you can use the lights, be careful not to be too loud. There are a few sculptures which can also be used.

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The secret is to makeup, always be careful not to be too much. I have always said that it is in the decoration: less is more. The choice of good objects, and good books. The living room is the part of a noble’s house, where we need to be neat, and beautiful. I like to use the vases from murano glass give a colour and clarity with the light, it promotes for a gorgeous effect.

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The other thing is that it’s a lot of life into the interior design is the use of flowers in a vessel at a table in the center, however, the issue at the time.

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The flowers on the coffee table

marilia veiga Marilia Veiga, is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva Decora. A professional Interior designer with more than 30 years of experience in the interior design.

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