More decoration of the room and complement the decor, the curtains and they are also responsible for blocking the light is natural, after all, nothing is worse than being woken up early, with a lightness coming in through the window of your room, or you will not be able to watch your favorite movie in the living room, and in a reflection on the TV.

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Design by Yamagata Arquitetura

To avoid such a light, all-in times wrongly, the curtain is a key element, it was thought of it, we have prepared a guide that will show you the models of curtains and drapes most common in the market, so you don’t make a mistake when choosing your own.

Drapery fabric


The design of the lifestyle Decor

Where to use : All models and curtain fabric are two of the most common and also the easiest to use in the home, which are perfect for large windows and the small size of the curtain can make the space appear larger. The choice of the fabric, it is also important that the materials that are heavier and thicker likely to make the room to dark and the acontinhante, but you can leave it in your environment, looking like a small. Lightweight fabrics are ideal for a small space.


The design of the OH!YES

Options: – variety-of-models-of-curtains from fabric on the market is quite large, and there is something for every budget and taste. In addition to this, you’ll have the freedom to choose from any fabric that you want for the do-it-yourself curtain is different, if you can’t find what you are looking for in the store.

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Design by Mauricio Arruda

Benefits: in Addition to a variety of fabric, you too will be faced with a whole host of options when it comes to picking out the finishing touches. There are models of a man, and the trail that used to be hidden by the lowering of the ceiling. It is also possible to define if your curtain fabric it will be the ties, grommets, and of what materials they are going to be custom-made. The maintenance is good to clean up, you just need to remove the panels of fabric and a wash away.

Roller blinds:

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A project by Marcelo Bastos

Where to use : Any room that you wish for! Gone are the days where the window blinds were the models of curtains and drapes for your bedroom or parts that are trapped simply by the organization. In the house, it is possible to use in a small space, or on the walls of which are mobile-touch.


The Project’s Largest Basques

Options: The most common are standard sizes and colours are neutral in the stores, it is possible to find blinds in black, white, and grey, for example. The windows of the balcony, going from the floor to the ceiling, in the models of vertical lines. The idea is to have a model that is more differentiated and specialty shops, can you do custom-made components, in the color and size for your needs.

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Projeto de Gislene Lopes

Advantages of The clean-up is also much easier if you use the shutters in the house, wiping with a damp cloth or mop it already helps you to make the powder. Another advantage is that the price of the models, the curtains, the type, the blind usually have a value that is accessible even for those who don’t want to spend too much.

Curtain roman


Where to use : A cortina rolô it is also a kind of blind, so it can be used in any room where the light won’t be appreciated. The difference is that with this model of curtain and use textiles in their composition, tend to appear more slender, combined also with the designs of the decoration in the most stylish.

3148-your living room-a beach-of-the-sao-conrado-500 m2-a architecture-viva decora

The design of the Scale-Architecture

Options: Just as the shutters on the conventional with the new models that are more common to have the basic colors, but can be ordered on the model of the ideal size and color that you need. Some models also have a sun protection is ideal for protecting furniture, paintings and decorative objects for the home that you may suffer from normal wear and tear, especially the color.


Design by Diego Revollo

Pros: models-of-curtains, rolô, are interesting because they bring together a range, and the nice touch of the fabric with the functionality of blinds.

Check out this in-depth guide on how to choose the ideal measure of the curtain:

Infographic your guide to curtain

Infographic your guide to curtain

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Infographic made by Viva Decora

Infographic your guide to curtain

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