It is a decorative item with the highest power of the visual, the curtains for the living room should be chosen with caution and a great deal of planning, so that his presence is to connect in a way that is in harmony with the rest of the furniture and the objects present in the environment.

Curtains for the living room fill the entire window area and filter the natural light

1. Curtains for the living room fill the entire area of the window, filtering the natural light. Design by Leonice Alves

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Even though the selection of curtains for the living room will not be an easy task, it does not need to be a reason for the pain in his head. Check out these helpful tips for choosing curtains is ideal for the living room:

To evaluate the measurements of the window then use a tape measure and make a note of the measurements of the width and height of the window, taking a clearance of at least 20 cm on each side;Choose the models that longs: to the window to living room a more elongated give it a trim to the most elegant Set-the model is blind: blinds, curtains made of thick fabrics or for light to complement your space. For this reason, consider the decor and the necessity of the light to suit the room, Choosing the fabric and color of the fabrics and the colors are to be in perfect harmony with the style of your furniture and other items that are present in the environment, such as a sofa, the rug, and pillows;please Note, the holder of the curtain. if you don’t go through the window blinds, you can evaluate your project and make sure all the curtains are to be secured with curtain rods or tracks.Curtains for the living room, in the shade of course, to bring net neutrality to the environment

2. Curtains for the living room, in the shade of course, to bring net neutrality to the environment. Design by ryan Latorre

How to choose curtains for the living room?

The style of the decoration in the living room and it is the need of the light determines the model of the curtain that’s ideal. In classical environments, for example, it is recommended to use curtains in the most bodied, as in the decorations, the most modern in the use of curtains and drapes for the living room, with darker colors and lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Now, when it comes to the curtains, to a small room with the curtain turns out to be a great choice, because of its structure, which is different from the other models from the-curtains for the living room, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and are easy to maintain and clean.

Curtains for living room modern, often have darker tones

3. Curtains for living room modern, often feature darker hues. Design by Aquiles Nicolas Kílaris

Now that you know how to choose curtain is ideal for your living room is to fall in love with-models-of-curtains-for the living room to the Living Decorating!

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