From a long time ago, the bathroom has stopped to be the stay less visited of the home. Fortunately, we have managed to give this space the importance that it deserves: the place intended for the personal care but also relaxation and well-being in case. And, all this, of course, without sacrificing design and elegance.

As the rest of the house, the style of our bathroom it is also a reflection of our personalities, our preferences and our needs. So the choice acurada the color of the walls, the textures, the materials, the furniture and the location of each element is essential to feel it our.

As we’ve been telling, the general trends of interior point to a new decade marked by the mediterranean style, the return to the natural and the growing harmony between design and technology. And, all this, it also impacts inevitably in the design of our bathrooms and all the elements that make it up, including bathtubs, and showers, which continue breaking molds and setting new trend. In fact, in the past storefronts and showrooms of design, we are seeing the tubs and showers begin to be integrated into the same bedroom, eliminating the traditional walls and partition walls between the bedroom and bathroom. So, if we want to continue with the new trend of this space when it is discovered, it is essential to find the balance and harmony of design and shapes, and between all the elements that make it up.

In that sense, the 3rd to the 7th of February, we will have the opportunity to catch up and enjoy the first hand of all the developments in the field of ceramics and bathroom equipment in the new edition of the feria Cevisama, in Valencia. At the Fair, since I can tell you that some of the firms they surprise us with new lines and proposals, such as SLIM, the new family of partitions that you just throw Sanycces, and that we already have fallen in love with, since it brings together all the features that we require of a enclosed high quality as maximum security, incredible design and high durability.

On the basis of their design and characteristics, we’ve compiled six keys so that you can see how the screens, both reversible and fixed, can accompany and enhance the style of your bathroom, adapting with ease to the latest market trends in the interior design for this room of the house and including their integration into the bedroom. To do so, you can forget about curtains or showers work with wall and stay with a screen design as the below.

Mediterranean-style, transparent glass, and maximum luminosity


Mediterranean-style, transparent glass, and maximum luminosity

The warmth and freshness that connotes this decorative style is unquestionable in any room of the house. In the bathroom, mediterranean style means ceramic tile blue, beautiful mosaic tiles, white walls, minimalist furnishings or clean designs and a little loaded.

The shower screen, of course, should help to reinforce this sense of space and balance shapes and light that reigns in all over the bathroom, to be crystal clear and not to interfere in the entry of natural light into the interior of the shower.

The family of partitions SLIM, Sanycces, with a thickness of 8mm, it is, in this sense, an ideal solution.

The blend top, the natural with the metal


The blend top, the natural with the metal

The natural touch is still in full swing and brings us more oak wood on the floor, on the walls or even on the counter of the bathroom. Baskets or accessories wicker or accent handmade, the most rough ways such as marble or natural stone, or the presence of indoor plants, wild flowers or beautiful ceramics in its many forms are another way to inspire the design of our bathroom in nature.

How and with what to mix to get a touch more chic? With metal, of course! Take a look at the elegance and provides the profiles of the bulkhead SLIM aluminium bright chrome or aluminum matte black finish to convince you.

The black queen


The black queen

What we are seeing in all the rooms of the house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. The successful use of the color black on the furniture and the decorative elements will bring a touch of undeniable elegance, distinction and avant-garde.

Combine, again, with objects-metallic,crystals carved or rustic materials such as wood or as a counterpoint against gold, silver or white.

Easy to clean


Easy to clean

This is a sine qua non condition at the time of choosing our glass enclosure for the shower. The treatment anti-limescale you should ensure easy maintenance of our bulkhead without the need of having to clean it on a daily basis.

Stay, for example, with a screen that has a system of release doors for easy cleaning in your version sliding, as we show in the picture, and you’ll thank forever.

Remember: elegance and style, yes, but also convenience and comfort!

Easy access


Easy access

Please note the location that you will have the shower in the bathroom, as well as the special needs that you may have, such as, for example, if you live with small children or people with reduced mobility.

Power get in and out of the shower no difficulty should focus also your decision to purchase to combine excellent design and functionality.

Entrance door to the technology of hot tub


Entrance door to the technology of hot tub

Build your own at-home spa is a decision you will not regret, believe us… This trend as the rise in search of the well-being at home and the bathroom has been brought to numerous firms to explore new technologies tub for baths and showers.

After a hard day, a hot shower with tub will leave you more than new!

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