The reform of the House Ginko, done by Wood’s Study, was carried out under the premise “one time, one chance”, a concept ichigo ichie that suggested by the client himself, who had just returned from Japan and was captivated by the oriental philosophy and his way of understanding life, focusing on enjoy each person, day, and time as something unique.

Using this concept, the client gave to Wood Study the opportunity to investigate the way of living and thinking of Japanto then convert the single-family dwelling, which had just acquired in Durana, in a unique place where you enjoy every moment fully.

And is that, in the society in which we live, the life is based on the speed and immediacy: we used to do all kinds of tasks at the same time, thinking that this was a sign of efficiency, capacity, going beyond the limits. The stress was part of us, we were accompanied by a large part of the day and what we considered something normal.

However, it seems that, since march of 2020, and with the start of the confinement, we’re learning to appreciate every moment, to minimize our activities and focus on what really matters.

Serene with warm materials

The home had many meters, but the way that was distributed was cold and a little functional. The study, however, focused on his enormous potential through the large windows to the garden, its good orientation and wide open spaces.

So, Wood Study the project began with the mission of turning the housing in a serene and calm through the use of natural materials and warm, but without renouncing a touch of modern and betting, especially, by the functionality of each space.

During the process, we carried out a redistribution of space, a study of lighting really care, it was added automation to the apartment and changed the whole floor for a pallet of oak large format. As a culmination, is designed to measure several pieces of furniture for different rooms.

The Ginko is known as the bearer of hope in Japan and a symbol of rebirth

The result of the home is an open space with a lot of light where you can enjoy the small moments that matter most: meetings with family and friends, talks and table tops long rest in the spaces warm and intimate.

Living room


Living room

One of the areas with more of a role in the house is the living room, which had large windows from floor to ceiling that brings brightness. It was added to the stay in a wooden lattice, which allowed to differentiate the part of the lounge and the dining room.

For the first, a great piece of furniture as it serves to accommodate the television, storage and shelving built in. Also, a large sofa in a raw color allows you to spend time with all the comforts, to which is added an electric fireplace of water vapor with simulation of fire to bring warmth to the area.

The Sofa Itinéraire, the dining table Cigale, chairs Identities, cushions decoration Mugara, the design Kenzo Takada, the centre tables Quintet, the relax armchair Mistral, the lamp, Flou, and the carpet Meteor, all Roche Bobois.

Photo: Vicugo Studio

Dining room


Dining room

In the dining area, a large table is the piece protagonist of the place, surrounded by chairs velvet in shades of coral and gray blue, also of Roche Bobios, which provide accents living in a room where the light colours are worn by the elements.

The large windows, located in front of the big table, they have some privileged views over the garden and pool, getting views of the space of nature that will culminate with the use of various plants in the interior of the room.

Photo: Vicugo Studio

Bedroom zen


Bedroom zen

The main objective is to create the master bedroom was that this was a space dedicated completely to rest, creating a place to leave behind any worries and simply unwind.

So, in order to encourage this calm was selected a paper with a floral oriental in roses, mauves, grays, and garnets reminiscent of the relationship of the project to the country of Japan. In addition, we designed a wardrobe to measure with a face of wood in zigzag, and was selected with care each piece of the furniture and the lighting for the existence of a harmony with the rest of the space.

Photo: Vicugo Studio

Bath to relax


Bath to relax

The bathroom becomes one of the main rooms in the home, and the most important to the client. Inspired by the spas japanese, the client asked to move as far as possible, this ambiance of the bathrooms of the home to enjoy total calm.

Thus, it is updated all the coatings and it worked with a chromatic range related to the nature, as well as materials such as sinks, natural stone or mosaic of wood that you saw one of the walls.

Also the furniture of the sinks and the toilet were custom designed to combine with the rest of the stay. Finally, we selected a sheet of paper with oriental motifs inspired by the bamboo, we designed a visual separator between bathroom and toilet at the spaces and put a bathtub free to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing bath and be transported to a spa japanese.

Photo: Vicugo Studio

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