The headboards for bed modern may give our bedroom a touch truly chic without too much effort, since there are a lot of proposals stylish and easy to make. You can really make the difference in the decoration of our bedroom, that’s why today we present some of these ideas in different styles that are easy to make at home, with a little ingenuity.

Headboards for bed modern

Many times they can become our best allies when it comes to adding color, style and dimension to our walls, features that can be added together or individually. In some, the main feature are the reliefs, in others, in contrast, the inclusion of strong colours and many others the work is carried out by the textures and beautiful materials. So, as you will see, to find a proposal that meets the desired style for your bedroom to be no more than to let the imagination fly.

Headboards for bed modern pendant

As is the case of the photo below, in which is placed a nice wood trim on the wall, by way of a shelf, and which has hung a padded cushion that spans the width of the bed. If you opt for a headboard type capitoneado, this element can become our best friend when it comes to enjoying a little while reading in bed, since it will serve as a comfortable backrest.

In the next photo, it has hung a mini curtain. The beauty of this headboard lies in the stud black, and the curtain of a beautiful lime green color with many legends in the color black.

The next photo is another example of that with a bit of ingenuity, you can make a bed headboard fabulous. A wallpaper has been hung from a cane, achieving a rustic decoration, very boho chic.



Headboards made with ornaments

This effective way to add interest to our bedrooms may also have a useful functionality, leaving individual choice if you opt for a proposal aesthetically flattering or another in order to maximize functionality. below we can see two headboards made with decorative elements that did not provide functionality, but a lot of decorative value.

Headboards with decorative panels

Another very easy and effective it is to add decorative panels. The variety of their shapes, materials and colors can be infinite.



This back-up padding adds a touch of elegance and practicality if you are one of those who enjoys to read comfortably on your bed.

You can use frames of doors or old windows, like you see in the image above.

Headboards painted on the wall

One of the most economic and fast, is to paint them on the wall. It is one of the ideas that are more trendy today.

Headboards lined

This headboard has been lined with patterned fabric, making a aesthetic retro, mid-TWENTIETH century, to which he has added appeal with the addition of the small tables and side lamps making game.

Headboards painted by hand

A way to renew and give life to an old headboard, is painting with colorful designs.

A blue background is the canvas to draw branches and flowers.

Or a color most striking contrasting with bright cushions.

For the dreamgirls, the tap princely of this style.

Headboards tables

Beds with wooden headboards are very well suited for any style of room that it is intended, as to give a touch of distinction and elegance. It is noteworthy that look great both in rooms of men or women, as well as children.


A headboard in rustic wood recovered, which mixes the rustic with the modern. It has preserved the look of old and broken.


A robust headboard in brown color, very easy to do, but very elegant, with a striking presence.

A minimalist decor and clean in perfect symmetry, with a headboard that consists only of a table.

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