The living room is one of main rooms in the home. This is where the family gathers for conversation, relax, have some fun, or just to watch TV after a long day of work.

With the passage of time, it is natural to desire to take that if you are in the décor of the room simple, but many people are afraid of having to spend a lot in order to transform the appearance of a room, so we don’t take the idea further.

If you are one of those people who is afraid to spend a lot to change in your living space, you know that you exstem some of the options are simple, cost-effective, which allows to transform the environment by investing less, d, R, is$ 1,000. So, continue reading this text to the end and surprise yourself with the suggestions made by practitioners who understand the subject matter.

décor for a living room with a fireplace, puffs, round and pendants in natural materials

1. There is no need to make a major investment to change the look of your living room. – Photo by: Habitissimo

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Tijolinhos to suit all tastes

Who can resist the charm of a wall, the brick on the show? The style is rustic, provided by the tijolinhos is that the material is always in a high level of interior design.

To create a wall of tijolinhos in the living room, you can then apply a new coating to the surface, peel off the wall and, if it is made out of brick, or even invest in a piece of paper to the wall, which mimics the pattern of the tijolinhos, if you want to change the most, simple and practical. The mean value is to be used to create a wall of tijolinhos in the room with about 5 m2 rotates at about$ 500.

the living room is decorated with a brick wall in sight, and a trail of light

2. The wall of the brick”), it can be designed in many different ways to decorate a living room – Photo: Habitissimoo

Those pillows fun

It’s almost impossible to find a room that doesn’t have at least one or two of the pillows on the couch. It helps to complement the decor, and also offer even more comfort to your room.

What you can’t miss these options of different pads for you to enter into his living room, some of the sentences, the fun, the other with brightly-colored prints. Choose the ones that fit in with the style of your environment, and you will change the look and feel of your room, spending on average$ 108-3 cushions with padding and a hood.

the decor simple, living room with colorful pillows for a sofa, grey

3. Invest in pillow fun to decorate your living room Photo: Habitissimoo

The paintings that delight

Are the frames-classic or modern, bold or conservative, and that there are different options, so that you can add these objects to the decoration of your living room and give it a new look. If you would like a touch more tailored to his frame, to reveal to you the photos of the special moments in life, and apply it to a photo frame, stylish in them, the result will be lovely.

Another interesting idea is to print your images, and quotes from the internet and to frame them in order to turn them into paintings out of the box. Keep in mind that the tables should have a dialogue with the rest of the space and the match to each other. With a large frame measuring at 100 x 76 cm, it will cost you a certain degree of$ 440, while a mid-level measures 65 x 48 cm), has an average price of$ 294, including the frame and the artwork.

living simple is decorated with pictures and colorful pillows

4. Living simple is decorated with pictures and colorful pillows – Photo by: Habitissimo

Green-I want you to see

Oh, and the green of the plants… and improve the look of your living room and brings a touch of lightness to the environment, the plants also contribute to a feeling of freshness and well-being, and that’s why they couldn’t get out of this selection of tips that are cost-effective for you to transform your living room.

Keep in mind to choose the species that adapted well to the climate of the region, and that is to be able to survive indoors. In order to have a vase of colorful, large plant in the living room, you will have to invest about$ 76.80.

minimalist decor living room with couch, grey and potted plants

5. Potted plants are a great way to change up the look of the living room, which is decorated – Photo by: Habitissimo

Beauty of industrial cement is burnt

The cement is burnt, has grown to be one of the materials you darlings for architects and interior designers because of its versatility and the affordable price and modern look. If you would like to place on a wall, with cement burned in your living room, just know that it will cost at least A$ 640 8 m2), and it goes perfectly with the most popular materials, rustic wood, and metal.

decorating with an industrial-style living room with concrete wall burnt

6. The wall is cement, burnt, it’s a trend in decoration which can change the look of your your room, which is decorated – Photo by: Habitissimo

Santa painting

No, there is no doubt that the painting is one of the most simple, fast and cheap to transform the look of your living room and give it a completely different look and feel. In addition to the paint on the walls, you may want to invest in a new painting for the furniture to your living room, amplifying the effect of the change.

Choose the colors that you are able to enhance the value of the architectural features in your living room and you can make the atmosphere more harmonious and elegant. The average amount to be invested in a painting from a wall with an 8 m2 revolves around R$ 954,00, while a painting of a unit can cost you around$ 180.

the decor of the room simply with blue sofa

7. A very good painting, you can totally change your décor for a living room – Photo by: Habitissimo

How about a DIY?

If you’re the kind of person who is not afraid to get his hands on the dough, and if you take the risk by doing manual work, and so this idea has been done for you. At the first hint of this text, we have brought out one of the walls of the tijolinhos, and some of the options for you to place it in your living room. We are not told, and we to the end of it is that there is a way for you to make your tijolinhos of plaster, and to settle them on the wall using glue.

To do this, you will need to purchase a silicone mold with a 5 tijolinhos, which costs about$ 77, drywall finishing (bag of 40 kg and costs around$ 25), and gypsum glue to settle down (bag of 5 kg and costs around$ 15);

Get started with the work by preparing a mixture of 200 ml of water and two cups and a half of a plaster cast to each mould, the 5-tijolinhos. This mixture should then be poured into the form, and just wait for about 15 minutes desenformar. – Follow the production to have a number of tijolinhos enough to cover your wall, and then you can settle them using plaster and cement. Finish the job by applying a paint or resin that is suitable for the surface of the plaster. In the process, it can be a little time-consuming, labor-intensive, but the result is certainly worth the effort.

modern living room furnished with a wall of brick and white frame-large

8. Have you ever thought about making your own wall of the brick? – Photo By: Habitissimo

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