In the urbanization of son Puig of Palma de Mallorca, very close to the capital of mallorca, is a detached house with swimming pool, designed by the architect Jaime Salvá along with the technical architect Iñaki Fernández and the company Blanc i Blanc as builder.

With a plot of 458 square meters, corner and with a very steep slope that allows you to position the basement level of the sidewalk and access to housing, this project of new creation, has been carried out with a predominant style mediterranean.

Clean geometry and games volumetric

One of the main objectives of the architect Salvá during the design process of this house was the create a clean geometry, but with trillsin order to form a play on volumes to get different visual from the different sides of the housing from where you look at it. It took account of the fact, above all, that the housing would be exposed in its two facades facing the street, each one of them to a different level dimensions.

In addition, and from this same game volume, they create shadows on the set of the housing that will change throughout the day according to the solar position, achieving a sense of dynamism constant.

This volume is also the result of the distribution of the interior of the house, where the main rooms are oriented to the south and the openings in the facades, placed in a strategic way, have been located to get the best views and more natural light from the interior of the house, as well as for cross-ventilation that allows to improve the energy efficiency. Through this vent, it is achieved that during a large part of the year, I can work with minimum energy expenditure, not being necessary to use air-conditioning systems.

Amplitude of the spaces


Amplitude of the spaces

For the distribution of the ground floor, one of the main goals achieved is a great amplitude of the spaces, getting natural light from the four directions and controlling access from any point of the plant, but achieving this, in turn, that each room has its own independence and clearly distinguish it from the others.

Lamas multifunctional


Lamas multifunctional

Also on this floor, a vertical slats of wood to set out the core vertical of the staircase, to the time they act as railing. So, not only have the function of protection against falls (mark as the regulations), but also become a décor element that allows the passage of light and views, giving also privacy to the area of the living room.

Uniformity in the spaces


Uniformity in the spaces

The materials used to give a uniformity to the whole of the interior design have been few and, at all times, neutral, warm, natural. Some examples are the oak wood, natural stone gray spaniard or the dry stone wall of Santanyí, a natural stone masonry of the area, which penetrates from the outside to the interior of the living room, passing by the kitchen.




Just the kitchen is one of the protagonists of the ground floor. Designed in white to continue with the idea of neutrality, are every one of the elements that add touches of color to the room. This area is fully connected with the outside dining area, which is protected by a porch achieved by a large overhang, which generates the surface of the main room, located on the first floor. The absence of structural pillars allows the connection between the inside, outside terrace and the garden is still greater.

The own owners of the apartment have been in charge of furnish it paying attention to every detail, and continuing with the neutral palette in the furniture, as for example in the large wooden table that sits in the living room.

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