Many times the interior decoration of small houses often become a headache; since lack of space limits many of ideas that may arise. That’s why today we wanted to, by means of this article, to introduce you some tips to make the most of home spaces, in regard to furniture for a small house.

Furniture for a small house

Furniture of low-volume

Obviously, you must forget about the large furniture, but that you should look for furniture that besides being proportional to the space available, are functional and, where possible, multi-functional, as that will allow us to enjoy a larger space for the movement. You should also bear in mind that the best allies are the light colors, because they give us a greater feeling of spaciousness and brightness in the space. Therefore, your furniture in as possible should not be totally dark, but maybe with some hints of color.

For example, in the top photo, we see white walls, a white table, and chairs break up the monotony with black color. But the white remains the predominant one in the dining room. In addition, a round table is not very large, in addition to being practical, allows a circulation comfortable and free around her.

Multifunctional furniture pieces

It will be essential in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms of the houses, to go for the incorporation of a minimum quantity of furniture and accessories; it will be very useful to get caught here by the phrase of the minimalist style of “less is more”, strongly committed to the functionality. As we can see in the example below, which uses a hideaway bed in a room that is used as a classroom.

Below we see another bed folding that turns into an armchair, and shelving.



Another example of aesthetics, a couch that transforms into two beds.


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In the current market there are a lot of options modern and functional, and very creative, as the box in the image below, which can be transformed into a table from wall.


Another example of a folding table is a crate on the wall that transforms into a table and shelf, perfect as a work station for small spaces.


Or these chairs from outside, that can be coupled to form a column that does not occupy too much space.



Another example, we see a table where the chairs can be placed under, very aesthetic and functional.



Another cool trick is to take advantage of the space below the staircase as storage.


Small spaces shared

Many are the times in which we suffer from the lack of space in our home, whether it is because we live in a mono environment or because we happen to share the same room, it is certain that it is one of the things that the more uncomfortable it makes us feel, because privacy is of vital importance in the life of all. For this reason and we show an original proposal to achieve that privacy so longed for in a shared space.

As you can see, the same is to create a sort of cube, on wood, or on any of the condensate that the broad market proposes to us, within which perfectly will be able to have your dorm customized, and in which they can hold on to some privacy in a shared space. For comfort and convenience perfectly will be able to put it on wheels, so that its presence does not interfere at the time of a re-arrangement in the decoration of the space within which it will be placed.

In addition to that really fit into the decoration and not take everything to lose can customize it in one or more colors to get along with the decor of the space, being able to turn this way one element of the decor.
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