They are one of the great icons of classicism and baroque as they are instantly associated with elegance, sophistication, luxury and pleasure. The freestanding bathtubs are key elements of the glamorous bathrooms as we immerse ourselves in a universe allow foam, bubbles and water, in which there is no room for stress. And it is that, probably, we all dream of having one at home and being able to turn it into a true temple of well-being, intimacy and comfort.

To go to the last, you can place a freestanding bathtub directly integrated into the bedroom

The freestanding are bathtubs that are not embedded in any wall or corner and that steal the absolute prominence from the interior design of our bathroom and, although it is true that the most classic and traditional are those with legs and a more rococo style, today we can find in the market free bathtubs of any decorative style . What we will need is a large bathroom, since they are quite bulky and it is preferable that they are located in a central place and that we can access them from any corner. Although, in medium-sized bathrooms, we can also include them if we place them against the wall and with a shower included to save the space of an extra plate.

However, the latest trends in bathroom are beginning to place freestanding bathtubs directly integrated into the bedroom, giving them a new role of transition between spaces.

Styles and materials of freestanding bathtubs

The shapes, sizes and materials in which we can find freestanding bathtubs on the market are almost infinite, and that assures us that we will probably find the one that best fits the style of our bathroom. The most classic are those made of cast iron or those of enameled steel with legs , robust, elegant and highly durable, which also have great thermal insulation, a decisive factor in this type of bathtubs since it will allow us to maintain for a longer time. the water’s temperature.

However, today’s options are as many as there are styles: from those with more refined and minimalist lines such as resin and mineral fillers, to microcement bathtubs with industrial or retro airs.

In any case, you can also combine different styles by playing with the taps, the furniture or the flooring. For example, including a more classic-style bathtub with black taps and natural wood floors. Long live the contrast!

The essential for your home spa: the side table

Having a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom will be of little use if it is not accompanied by an essential piece: do not forget a side table on which to place towels, books, candles, the speaker with relaxing music, bath salts, all cosmetic and hygiene products and any other basic element that we need to build our own home spa.

In addition to the classic side tables, you can also opt for other formulas that meet the same functionality: for example, a natural wood tray that rests on the same bathtub, a nearby drawer or a built-in shelf, if the bathtub is installed. found next to the wall.

Now, let’s take a look at dream free bathtubs that we can find on the market.

The New Classic by Marcel Wanders


The New Classic by Marcel Wanders

(Photo by Laufen) The freestanding bathtub of The New Classic, a corner piece in Laufen’s latest collection, is characterized by soft and delicate feminine curves reminiscent of the opening petals of a flower, along with angular and masculine elements that give rise to to an unprecedented combination in the bathroom sector.

Its generous dimensions, 1900 x 900 x 580 mm, not only attract attention, but also produce a very attractive impact that, together with its ergonomic shape and Sentec material construction that softens the skin.

Aveo, by Villeroy & Boch


Aveo, by Villeroy & Boch

Another of Villeroy & Boch’s colored jewels, made with Quaryl® , a material that makes it extremely resistant to shocks, impacts and scratches . This oval-shaped freestanding bathtub offers plenty of space for a relaxing bath and also has a high backrest that allows you to enjoy a perfect position for relaxation (borderless design allows it to be positioned also in corners). In addition, it can also include integrated drain and overflow, as well as lights and hydromassage system.

The matte black finishes give that explosive, elegant and modern touch that also characterizes the firm.

Sonar, by Patricia Urquiola


Sonar, by Patricia Urquiola

(Photo by Laufen) This piece designed by Patricia Urquiola stands out for its oval shape. Made with Laufen’s high-tech Marbond material and dimensions of 1600 x 815 x 535 mm, it is characterized by its finish in a distinctive sound wave texture . It also has an integral faucet shelf and a practical and elegant round plate that serves as a platform for essential body care products.

Newcast, by Roca


Newcast, by Roca

A classic option with fun vintage airs, made of cast iron, very resistant and with great thermal insulation properties.

In a single size of 1700 × https: // mm, the collection allows you to choose a freestanding white bathtub, but also to opt for five other original finishes -Gray, Copper, Black, Navy Blue and Bordeaux – can be combined with up to three leg models -Classic, Savanha or Eagle-.

Kartell By Laufen, by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba


Kartell By Laufen, by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

(Photo by Laufen) A freestanding bathtub that will attract and seduce everyone who loves minimalist style, the moon and exclusive environments. Part of a sophisticated yet accessible collection; chic, although without diminishing aesthetics, this piece that looks like an infinity pool seduces those who are more predisposed to decoration, to play.

This piece by Italian designers, with dimensions of 1715 x 815 x 520 mm, plays with the rigid geometry and the advantages of the Sentec material , which allows its design to be far from the dictates of the passing style and fashion of every moment.

Antheus, by Christian Haas


Antheus, by Christian Haas

Impressively elegant, designer Christian Haas has created for Villeroy & Boch a masterpiece inspired by Art Deco and Bauhaus , the classic styles from the jump to the golden twenties.

An immortal piece, free from passing fads, which is also available in three color variants.

Val by Konstantin Grcic


Val by Konstantin Grcic

(Photo by Laufen) Simple architectural lines, extremely thin edges and thin walls are the main attributes of this freestanding bathtub designed by the renowned Munich-based designer.

Its oval shape and the dimensions of 1600 x 750 x 520 mm make it a light and elegant piece with an extremely thin, functional and combinable edge. A bathtub much lighter than double-walled bathtubs, with a velvety surface , matt and easy to clean, which invites anyone who observes it to take a relaxing bath in it. Its manufacture in Sentec material means that it can be done with a single wall and with a built-in overflow.

Modo, by Roca


Modo, by Roca

With a modern rectangular cut, 2000 × 800 or 1800 × 800 mm, this freestanding Roca bathtub allows us to incorporate a shelf and a drawer in the bathtub itself with a city oak finish or smoked mirror.

Ino by Toan Nguyen


Ino by Toan Nguyen

(Photo by Laufen) Ino’s freestanding bathtub is a haven of peace for the bathroom. A piece with simple and delicate lines , elegant, cozy and almost weightless, made of Sentec material, which allows it to have a unique wall and weigh less. Available in two sizes: 1800 x 800 x 520 mm, with a built-in headrest for absolute relaxation and a smaller model without a headrest, measuring 1700 x 750 x 520 mm.

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