A fireplace for the apartment

With the approach of cold weather, a lot of people are looking for ways to keep your home warm and cozy, whether it is for a special occasion, a small meeting, or just to make your day-to-day tastes better. A great choice for the environment to be more warm and comfortable, this is the installation of the fireplace.

Gone are the days when having a fireplace, it meant living in a house with a fireplace, and have a space reserved to store kindling and a lot of the light guide. Now, if you live in a studio apartment, also has such a right, and thanks to the developments in the models which use gas, alcohol, and even electricity as the primary fuel, do not smoke, and combine them with various types of real estate.

A fireplace for the apartment A space for a wood burning fire apartamentoEspaço to the fireplace in the apartment”>

Gas fireplaces

One of the best options is to model the gas. Their calls can be made from any of the gas in the kitchen. If you use a gas is piped into the home, simply make a call that brings the fluid to the device.

The strengths of this model is the fact that they do not smoke and do not scrape the dirt through the room, as her basis, can be used for kindling or artificial stones, which bear high temperature and distribute the calories for an apartment. In addition to this, it is a safe and efficient manner.

Before you buy, a model of a gas, it is important to note a few caveats: make sure the model you purchase has a sensor that cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out, and see how the kind of gas being used (there are heaters that operate only on natural gas). It is important to emphasize the significance of the stones, as they do not have a brimstone.

A fireplace for the apartment A place for the installation of a fireplace in the living room of the estarEspaço for the installation of a fireplace in the living room”>

The fireplace into the apartment, and templates for all environments

Wood-burning fireplaces and alcohol

This brand is well-known as the ‘green’. The emission of greenhouse gases is very low, and a gallon of ethanol, it can last for up to 3 hours of operation. As with all wood-burning fireplaces to gas, they are easy to install, eliminate the need for a pipe to the cooker hood, and they are a good choice for your apartment.

In terms of fuel, and are more cost-effective, but it is possible to supply them with alcohol at grocery stores, pharmacies, and food stores in the cleaning. In a house, you should never use ethanol sold at gas stations because of the waste of oil, and emit pollutants that are harmful to your health.

A fireplace for the apartment A place for the installation of a fireplace in the living room of the apartamentoEspaço for the installation of a fireplace in the living room of the apartment”>

Fireplaces, electric

Electrical work, such as a furnace: and the heat, which is formed by means of a power, use the accessories are completely safe for the apartments as there is no use of fire, and it is easy to install and many models have a remote control, which makes it is more practical.

This model is electric, as well as the heaters are common, remove the moisture from the air. Therefore, when you use them, it is necessary to have a bowl of water nearby. The other bad thing is that this model uses a lot of energy, and then, at the end of the month, your bill will amaze you.

A fireplace for the apartment Fireplace hearth for a holiday apartment”>

Have a fireplace in your room, which is decorated, the room or in any other environment, there is no longer a privilege for those who live in the homes. If you live in an apartment and you’ve always dreamed of with this add-on, enjoy, and renew your environments!

The text is written by the staff of the Willis estate.

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