After months of losses due to the inability to travel because of the health crisis, it seems that the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has meant that the panorama Spanish tourist you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and provides for a panorama Spanish tourist more positive during this 2021.

However, the pandemic not only made a halt to tourism, but that led us to consider new forms of travel, more secure and more likely to be improvisation.

And precisely in this sense, the home exchange it became one of the best options for a change of scenery and to visit new places without forgetting the comfort and safety. Will continue to be so throughout this year, according to the latest figures from HomeExchange, the largest community of exchange houses in the world, according to which the exchange housing is gaining positions as one of the best alternatives to the model of tourism traditional.

In concrete figures, the portal of exchange of dwellings grew up with 10,000 new records in the last year, which exceeded the 337.000 overnight stays.

Forecasts to 2021

And is that more and more people who dare to try this type of tourism. The platform collects, from the start of 2021 and up to date, there are already more than 16.600 overnight stays contracted in Spain.

Of these, 41% will be carried out during the months of summer, mainly between July and August, coinciding with the holiday months the majority of spaniards.

The pandemic has caused the Spanish to impose the level of caution, preferring to plan their journeys from the six month view due to possible restrictions in the country during the first months of the year.

In addition, it continues to prefer the improvisation and the last minute, why during the month of January is conducted thousands of overnight stays planned during that same month.

Betting by the national tourism

In terms of the favorite places to travel in 2021, the data extracted from the platform place Catalonia as the region’s favorite up to now, followed by Andalusia and Balearic islands. In fourth place is the Valencian Community, which follows the Basque Country.

In regard to the cities favorite, Barcelona takes the first place, just ahead of Calpe. In third place is Madrid – the only city without coast in the rankings – that they continue to Badalona and L’escala, on the Costa Brava.

The data does not differ much from those of the previous year, the year in which consolidated the exchange of homes as one of the preferred alternatives of the Spanish and Catalonia was the destination of choice, followed by Andalusia, Valencia, the Basque Country and the Balearic islands, respectively.

Improvisation and last minute

If there is something that is clear is that, during 2021, the improvisation and the last hour will continue to be the order of the day. Therefore, the exchange of households covered by this need and, in many cases, provide search for available apartments in the next 15 days.

“We are seeing that there are many hopes for this year in terms of overnight stays and travel plans. The arrival of the vaccine is the beginning of the end and many people are already starting to take the trips that were not able to perform the previous year. However, the majority of people are planning their summer trips and the rest will leave you more to improvisation and at the last minute, a trend that’s here in 2020, and that looks set to continue in 2021,” he concludes Pilar Manriqueresponsible for HomeExchange in Spain.

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