The dining room is one of the environments is the most important, of the house. After all, it is in this space that we make our own meals, and recepcionamos of our friends and family around the table. Furthermore, in the good fellowship that is important for this space to tell with the number of non-essential items, such as table, chairs, and, of course, in a beautiful sideboard buffet.

Mirrored wall and sideboard, buffet, yellow, decorated the dining room

1. Mirrored wall and sideboard, buffet, yellow, decorated the dining room. Design by BG Architecture

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What is a one-stop breakfast?

On the dresser, buffet, it’s basically a piece of furniture sideboard with doors and drawers that help with organization of your room. In the dining room, it can accommodate various kitchen utensils such as dishes, pans, bowls, glasses and other gadgets of the hotel.

On the dresser, buffet, can accommodate and organize various utensils in the kitchen

2. The trimmer can accommodate and organize various kitchen utensils. Source: LiligiuDice

How to use a dresser as buffet decoration of the dining room?

In your dining room, you will compose the decoration on the dresser, buffet, mirrors, tables, and bookshelves, sculptures, vases, and even wall coverings that enhance the presence in the mobile space. Another tip is to mix the color for the dining room table and chairs, the dresser, buffet, it’s always possible.

The project is a decorative article, the sideboard buffet in blue, brought a splash of colour to the ambience of your dining-room, and in contrast to the way that is in harmony with the wall cladding made of wood -. The lighting in the space, and that has made all the difference as well.

Please note that the position of the spots in the light of the above the dresser, enhanced further in the presence of the furniture in the space, highlighted, including the decorative items placed above a dresser, a buffet as a plant pot, coffee pot, and the rest of the paper trays.

The provided breakfast is suspended optimize the space of your dining room

3. The provided drop-down optimizes the space to the dining room. Source: Pinterest

Sideboard buffet rustic

For those who want to bring a touch of rustic in your decor, you can bet the model for the sideboard buffet with doors and drawers, and wood. His presence, though subtle, has the ability to bring warmth and charm to your dining room.

Sideboard, buffet, retro

The model is retro-inspired with her famous legs in town”, and cut out the linear fits with different styles of furnishings. Among all the options that are available from the dresser, buffet, retro, we can draw on designs with tones of yellow, blue, and green, they also doing very well, did not go unnoticed in the environment.

Stop bar

If you want to reserve a special corner in the house, for the preparation of drinks on the dresser, buffet, black, turns out to be a wild card, by its structure, as well as having a neutral tone, arrange the cups, glasses and bottles, in a special way. Some of the models, the dresser, buffet, even have wheels that make them easy to move around.

Now that you know how to make your environment even more beautiful, organized, and come to see the models of the dresser, buffet Living Decorating!

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