It seemed impossible but we’ve already passed one of the summers most peculiar of recent times. The health crisis of the COVID-19 is making and shaping our schedules and our lives both inside and outside the house, something that has changed the relationship that we have with our home. If before, for many, it was nearly a bedroom space, this year, our homes have welcomed us in difficult moments in which we have asked him to be transformed into an office, a games room, a gym, and even in a space of leisure.

The love that we must put in the care of our house is directly proportional to the comfort, the comfort and harmony we are going to feel in her

Now, as to the doors of the fall and with more uncertainty ahead, we have already learned the lesson: that the love that we must put in the care of our home and of our spaces is directly proportional to the comfort, the comfort and harmony we are going to feel in her. So, leaving behind the station is the warmest of the year and entering a new stage of more recollection, we are preparing to welcome the autumn as it deserves.

If we want the warmth, the security, the peace, balance and well-being to flood every corner of our home, it is enough to make a small transition in the decoration and in the objects which we use every day, adapting to the months of low temperatures that will come. Among them, textileswho hug us by giving us that feel so comforting that reminds us that, as in house, we are not in any part.

And this year, even though we live more inside out, new deco not stop, and the trends of fashion and interior design continues to emphasize the warmth and the comfort above all, and that charges in addition to a special importance in the stay even more intimate and personal of our home: the bedroom. Taking as a starting point for the stylish new lingerie collection home of the renowned Italian Riviera proposes that we AROA, let’s see what are the keys to possess such a plus of elegance and well-being at home this fall.

The natural fibers reign


The natural fibers reign

To the left, linens collection Bluebell, Riviera. To the right, plaid and cushion from the collection Eco Pelliccia Riviera

You’ve taught many times at the trends of furniture, but now also become a material that is optimal for the production of household linen. The natural fibers allow us to connect more quickly with nature, we bring more peace and tranquility, in addition to being produced with standards more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you use bedding such as sheets or a duvet cover of 100% cottonimmediately you will notice the unique feeling of quality and comfort that you arropará and that will help you, even, to rest much better.

Classic Blue, also in the household linen


Classic Blue, also in the household linen

To the left, bed linen collection Hamilton. To the right, a set of the collection, Sendai, Riviera.

At the beginning of the year we learned that the Classic Blue is the color that Pantone selected as the most trend 2020. And yes, the blue burst also in the bedroom in its multiple shades, able to lead us to the calm, to relaxation and to the serenity.

If you see too cold, you can combine them with other elements with shades of beige, pink or terracottathat will make the contrast more than warm, warm, and elegant.

The elegance of the velvet remains more valid than ever


The elegance of the velvet remains more valid than ever

Bed linen, plaid and cushion of the new collection Velluto, Riviera

We have already spent some time destacándolo, but the truth is that this noble material never goes out of fashion. Velvet, with its particular softness and delicacy and elegance that transpires, has become a real must in the interior decoration. From curtains to sofas, passing through cushions, throws and quilts, just the right touch and without excesses velvet is going to bring in some extra glamour to your bedroom.

Urban jungle, floral prints and botanical the bed


Urban jungle, floral prints and botanical the bed

To the left, duvet cover collection Ophelia, of Riviera. To the right, down the collection Sendai.

The love for nature and the need to reconnect with her has given a new impetus to the deco more green and the new style urban jungle. And is that, in addition to filling your house with plants and beautiful flowers, the signatures of the first line are the trend plant incorporating delicate motifs such as flowers and prints botanical painted in watercolor in their collections of spring and of autumn and winter.

To achieve the perfect balance, mix and match with cushions and blankets are smooth.

Geometry power


Geometry power

Duvet covers and bed linen from the collection Shetland, Riviera

Stripes, squares, rhombuses and other geometric motifs lead the prints in the home. We saw in our selection of wallpapers trend, and, now, also in the bedding.

Although it does not renounce their past classic, the geometric patterns of today have adapted to become a option earthy, urban, and youngperfect for decorations contemporary and modern.

There will never be too many cushions


There will never be too many cushions

Cushions of the collection Sendai and Velluto, Riviera

We have said it many times, and repeat as many more as needed: the cushions on the bed are more than economic to give a twist to the decoration of our bedroom, adapting it to the different stations and the rest of the items with the living. Our recommendation is that you get different covers of colors, shapes and different finishes, so that you can get by combining them and giving play to your bed.

Get yourself some square, others rectangular, and some in format, cookie, and combines the delicacy of the velvet with the delicate and pleasant eco hair, with cushions with scottish plaid, finished with effect wool or even combinations of smooth velvet.

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