You want to know what is the best curtain for the living room? So is there a solution to this. You want to maintain your privacy, without losing any of the view beautiful? Or would you prefer to end their session in the cinema? No matter what the prerequisites are, there is always a right choice for you. Whether it’s a curtain-a beautiful and traditional, it is a blind and practice, and light, in addition to the super common, complement the decor. It wasn’t enough for these effects, and textures, the curtains, and whether it’s curtains for the bedroom or living room, the shutters will also give you more privacy to your space.

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Drapes for living room

Curtains for the living room: choose the best one for you,

Types of window shades

A wide variety of window shutters have risen very high in the market because of the convenience. They are easy to clean and handle. You can combine them in the decor, no matter what the style of it, it is not an easy task. The choice depends not only on the environment but also on the desired goal: shading, privacy, or filter the sun’s rays.

Drapes for living room

Curtains for the living room: choose the best one for you,

Types of curtains and drapes for living room that you can choose

Polyester, viscose, linen, acrylic, silk, wool, or cotton. It doesn’t matter what material they are, the curtains, the fabric gives even more charm to the environment. When it comes to choosing the fabric, consider the durability of it, when the sun is straight forward. Polyester, acrylic, rayon, and linen, and will last longer than silk, wool, or cotton.

Curtains or blinds?

The choice is always personal, as a function of both is the same, but the decorative effects that are very different. The curtains are of a traditional, and give it a special value in the decoration, in many variations of design and color. In addition to the need to vacuum twice a month, it must be cleaned on a yearly basis. They, too, suffer from the action of the sun’s rays, and this is apparent when you see them fading in and burned with fire, especially with the strong color.

Drapes for living room

Curtains for the living room: choose the best one for you,

The shades, now available in a variety of materials, they are also easy to combine and clean up. The materials were designed to repel dust and is resistant to the sun’s rays without deform them. Most of the models allows for the adjustments of the light. In addition to the effective, they don’t block the view, so leave them with a warm touch, just add a garish and over-lapping, or any other kind of curtain fabrics.

Ana Paula Spider, is a contributor to the Magazine, the Living Decorating director of the House & Design.

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