The real estate business with the proportions of ever-smaller sectorize, without harm to the movement becomes more and more difficult. Composed of a living room / dining, small and life is usually a difficult task, for the inhabitants, even in the environments in which these spaces are ample. When your space is small, so the question hangs in the air, and many are unaware of what should be a priority for these projects. So, it is good to be aware of tips to arrange dining room small.

The decor of the dining room, a small

The friend of small proportions, that is the glass. Is this the old trick, cause a feeling of depth and breadth in all kinds of spaces, including a dining room in a small. However, it is clear that the insertion of a mirror will do wonders. For on the walls, you should prefer the use of bright colours and neutral colours. The use of lighter shades, you can specify the number of columns in a little more to the colors of the objects of decoration, a tactic that would give life and movement to the dining room, the small table.

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The mirrors in the decoration

The furniture makes all the difference. Glass table and chairs in acrylic with light weight design is the best friend of a room smaller. They let the light through and does not create a visual road blocks, giving it a sense of lightness to the environment. The banks can, and should, replace the seats. Purchased ready-made or custom measurements for woodworkers, select the seats that you have a treasure chest at the bottom. Thus, in addition to to comfortable, the furniture will have more functionality.

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The round tables make it easy to pass on, but if you want to be on the square with the clue, is that it is leaning against the wall, so as not to block the way. The foot of the table, it must be very delicate, and if you can, opt for a table with a central stand instead of the traditional four pillars at each end, for ease-of-use of the seat. Not always in the sideboard will be a welcome addition, you should prefer to store kitchenware in your kitchen and if you need a piece of furniture for support, please use the shelves under the glass, or to the niches in the wall.

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Living room fun

Finish your décor with a proper lighting design is very important for the complete integration of the environment. A pendant or a chandelier at the center of the dining table and it can be the main focus of the final score, the dining room is small, even in a larger one.

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