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Nothing is hotter than a good conversation, a good meal, a good wine, great company and a wonderful, involving all of it. This is a residential area in the home that deserves a care in particular. It is misleading to think that you just need to choose a nice table and some chairs, the beautiful. The dining area is much more than that!

To begin with, your room will influence the size and shape of the table. There are a variety of templates, such as round, rectangular, room, closer; the square space, more spacious, and the round, which will help in blood circulation. Whatever you choose, some of the basic steps need to be taken into account, in order to ensure the comfort and circulation, as required.

Please make sure you have a space between the top of the table and the wall, at least 0,90 m: If your room has a twin, and the idea is that in between the top and the cabinet to have a space that is 1.20-m. Thus, we have sufficient clearance, comfortable chairs, and on to the movement.

And the lighting?

This is the talk of the party. The ring can also be the most powerful in the room. Just be careful to pick an item (or a mix), you don’t feel small or too large for the size of the table. The lack of proportion, it may ruin the environment. It is what it is for the pendant chosen, the trick is to his or her home to be less than 1.50 m from the floor.

Who’s to say that the only chairs in living room / dining? Take a turn for the seats and seat. If your table is a life-giving, they may be used in the headboards as well.

Frameworks php-Room / Dining - Law Passamani

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The bank is also a device that can be used when you lack the space. The piece is leaning against a wall, we gained a space for the circulation.


The chairs can be reigned absolute in your environment, if you are not the same. It is in the colors, patterns or both. Dining room table color can be? Yes!! Since everything else is neutral. Here’s how you can be daring without being ‘over’:

All of the chairs are white, but different models.

chairs-6-decasapramoda blog

Chairs in a different color and I love it!

blog / mastic-home-pinterest-table-with-chairs-different-3

In the home you can and ought to reflect your personal style. The most conservative in the modern, walk through the contemporary to the rustic look.

Check out how this room is super accurate and very cozy, with a nose hair trimmer, thin at the bottom, and the composition of the frames.


Environment with a round-table with chairs and a large pendant with a longer industrial


In the apartment, with an atmosphere of a more masculine, it was used in the to the black and stainless steel, but wooden floors, heating and a mirror to extend it.

042453Sala for Dinner

Your living room is integrated with the kitchen? That’s perfect. From your bench you can see a table, awesome!

Screen-Shot --2013-02-22- at 08.44.32

In keeping with the proportions of the pieces, and the minimum dimensions of a of comfort and movement, and a healthy dose of good taste, and does not find it strange that your dining-room becomes the most important part of the house, because it was born with the aim of uniting the family and friends.

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