One of the great challenges of the world of interior design has always been to find the perfect balance between design and functionality. We want spaces that are attractive, beautiful and stylish, but also need it to be comfortable, comfortable and accessible. And here is the great challenge of the interior designers who, year after year, they continue to innovate to offer the perfect solutions for our homes.

However, the kitchen has been one of the rooms in the house that has been reinvented in recent years: if a few decades ago it was a space dedicated exclusively to household tasks, now stands as a authentic epicenter of activity in family: in the kitchen not only we cook, we eat, we celebrate, we got together and socializing. So this new meeting place for family leisure time and social gatherings is required, such as no, of new solutions.

REKKER knows it well, and that’s why it has been reinvented developing a new concept in kitchen combining quality, durability, functionality and design to meet the needs of these new social spaces: kitchens do not have to be only optimal spaces for working and cooking, storing food, organize the pantry, or optimize the space, but that must now invite us to stay more time in them and to enjoy every minute that we spent alone or with our loved ones.

From the lighting, going by the hardware, the shooters, the finishing techniques or selection acurada of materials, allow us to harmonize the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, without impairing its functionality. Always, with a few furniture of impeccable finish that combine design and functionality to perfection, as we will telling you day-to-day Indoors.

Cast an eye to the new range of kitchens REKKER I present here, and that put in value the more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of kitchen furniture these brilliant craftsmen carry on their backs. As we are accustomed, their solutions in kitchens we provide modern facilities and equipped with the latest technology machinery to make us more easy and more comfortable our lives, but also the most beautiful and elegant of our homes with the proposed design kitchens adapted to our times and the trends of the TWENTY-first century.

Open kitchens, with different points of light


Open kitchens, with different points of light

Find the right balance between light and shadow is indispensable for converting your kitchen into an warm and comfortable atmospherewith various points of light that allow you to perform various tasks.

Remember that in the kitchen not only prepare the best dishes, but that, in it, there are also celebrations, meetings, or quiet family moments in the warm lighting and functional, and acquires a principal role.

Storage and organization perfect


Storage and organization perfect

Remember the importance of taking care of all the elements that make up a kitchen and give special attention to the development of the accessories. The magic of the great projects of kitchens design lies in getting solutions of organization and maximizing space, combining design and functionality to perfection.

Custom design


Custom design

You have the square footage you have, or you may be where you are at home, or for whatever your particular needs, the best way to get the kitchen of your dreams consists in to escape from the generalizations and bet for custom designs.

Quality guarantee and long-term


Quality guarantee and long-term

Most of us use our kitchen daily. So, again, the challenge of the kitchens of the TWENTY-first century is to be able to withstand heavy use while maintaining their benefits original intact at the time.

To achieve this, bet provided by manufacturers of quality that will ensure the reliability of its products.

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Design and functionality are combined to perfection in the kitchens of the TWENTY-first century

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