Decorate a space and renovate it, is not exactly an easy task, more so when we have to combine colours, so that it ends up being a challenging task, even so, there are ornaments you can give us a great help, as is the case of the decorative pillows for living rooms, armchairs and floor.

Decorative pillows for living rooms

You can find all kind of cushions to decorate, to adapt to any of the spaces of the house, and of course, the style of the decoration that we have. We have a wide variety of colors, shapes, textures, or patterns that we can use.

Decorative pillows for sofas and armchairs

Some of the rooms in the home, including the living room, they are spaces where one can let the imagination fly, achieving the best designs. In the same way that the earrings make the difference in a woman, the cushions make the difference in these spaces.

Tones similar to the color of the chair

They are ideal for increasing the prominence of any style of room, because they are perfect for adding interest to our room. When using similar tones, do not take too many risks, and we know in advance that they will be very good.

The models smooth they are simple to create by hand and attach the required dose of colour, usually making game with a single element of the space, in this case with an armchair individual gray. It has been decorated with cushions in different shades of grey.

Another way not to risk it, is to use cushions in the same tones that the armchair, and add one or two in another color, as we see above, where it has been used the grey as the predominant colour, and small touches of yellow.

The pastel colors, to be pale, complement very well with neutral tones.

The color black can also help us break some of the monotony of monochromatic scheme.

The prints we can also help to add a little more interest.

The cushions are very simple, they can, however, enhance any décor, as arranged in a strategic way can create an accent in our interiors, at the same time we offer a timeless style that never goes out of fashion.

Here we have another example of how to use a touch of color to give life to a monochromatic color scheme.

Cushions of a different colour from the chair

It’s amazing what you can do with a few cushions, mixing just colors, styles, shapes and different textures.

Are the combinations of several colors, with some stamping. These allow you to open a wider range of colors in the room.

We can play with colors complementary or contrasting with respect to dominate in the area of decorating. We can also, be daring with decorative pillows with patterns, colours, and shapes that will attract attention.

Textured or patterned

The same idea can be enhanced to add different textures to the cushions, as in this case, where the cushion white has a fabric very elaborate, complemented by fringe.

When you bet classic prints, such as floral patterns or geometric figures, you can choose a pillow of each color if you wanted to, because having a base of a living room in a neutral color, all combined.

Earth tones and pastels combined, they are generally to perfection.

Finally, if you feel an expert on the subject, perhaps you dare to the last option and more daring, which is the combine of cushions, with different patterns, colors, and textures, and in spite of all this, to achieve a combination of cushions decorative as fantastic as these that we see below.

Cushions for the floor

The cushions are, and will be, the decoration star of every home, for the fact that they are probably one of the add-ons cheaper, and more noticeable to change them, at the same time that its patterns and shapes can be so various, that we could spend hours talking about different possibilities.

In addition, they have the advantage that we can do ourselves sleeves, and change it every time you want to, renewing the decor is very easy and inexpensive.

Make a corner with a rug and many cushions is ideal for those who enjoy disposed of in the soil to have a while of reading, watching tv or any other activity of your liking.

This mode is very usual to see in arab countries and also in many other Asian cultures, where the rooms and even dining rooms, are made to heights very low and the people sit on cushions.

Here it has entered with force several years ago, through the “puff”, who were then giving way to a series of new ideas, formats, designs, patterns, and of course, the implementation of many soft textures and delicate that provide warmth when you sit, or other more rigid and firm, to withstand the contact with the ground and the continuous friction with the same.

And this is without mentioning that they are one of the most effective ways to add comfort and warmth to the spaces, so if you incorporate it as a decorative element as if it was incorporated on carpets.

In addition, today, there are so many offers that makes us the market that easily we will be able to find cushions themselves of diverse cultures within the protruding style japanese, moroccan, indian or egyptian.

As you’ll see ways to incorporate them into the decor are really very many, to be the only successful linked to the imagination of each one.

The cushions have become one of the most simple and effective to add interest to both internal as well as external, because they are pieces that can easily be prepared or procured in the market in various styles.

As you may have seen, ideas are many, and the options for each space of the home also. One of the segments featured is the cushions ethnic, such as the eastern, arab and african.

Cushions with prints original

If you are in search of a unique style, trends, modern, creative ideas, that break the rules, but without leaving much of the standards, then you should pose your attention on the ideas of “How are you?”, a duo of designers, that aims to do things that they enjoy, have fun, love and of course, a captive to the customers.

What we are seeing, there is more than a simple cushions with fabric covers, but with the difference being that this fabric takes a digital impression, as embossing, making it look as materials that never would be associated to the comfort of a cushion, as is the case of wood, concrete, bricks or rocks.

Any of these models, from the hand of a good chair or sofa, monochrome will be really fascinating, not counting that will dazzle to any guest, as that denotes ability to be able to make an impact with few resources.

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