There is No lack of great definitions to know that a house is the reflection of those who live there. Spaces that we fill with our own history and that, with time, acquire that vision and personal-based on our own likes and interests. The house of an interior decorator Cristina Pascual is a good example of this. A house in Las Rozas de Madrid, which she bought when I lived in the US and now looks for a way warm and reassuring thanks to the good taste of the owner and decorator.

The first thing that impresses about the home is its open nature, warmth and the personality that goes through each stay through a sophisticated decor. Every detail matters in this house that was always in the mind of Cristina until now, finally has been able to decorate with the interior more elegant and care.

“We bought this house during the years that we live expatriates in EE. UU. To the back we were clear that we wanted to decorate functional, warm and comfortable, reflecting our personality, but also with hints and parts stylish that provide elegance and importance to styling,” says the decorator.

Interior floor Las Rozas

A goal without a doubt has managed to carry out with great results. The result of the intervention is a home made for family living, comfortable and in which you did not abandon that character new yorker and classic that covers many of the rooms. A hue that can be observed in some of the walls of the house, which have been covered with paper stripe wide white and black Gaulan and combine with the rest of the furniture in soft tones and clear.

Also in many rooms, we find the same aesthetic of the black-and-white, but on this occasion, through carpets that give harmony to the whole. A bet for a decoration that integrates the convenience with good taste. In fact, in the house we find several works of art that finished off this look by giving an extra stringency.

The personality, which goes beyond the whole house, we can discover by means of allusions to travel, languages, and those little winks international transport us to the heart of the united States. A home made with much pleasure and passion by Cristina Pascual, we wanted to share with all of you: that ye may know the inside of this house located in Las Rozas de Madrid.

Living room


Living room

The living room of this apartment in madrid we love it for its brightness and its classic style, which combines a small brush strokes, more modern. A decoration that invites comfort through materials and fabrics.

Dining table: design of architect Alvaro Siza for the signature Famo

Chairs for Dining room: upholstered in green velvet by Cristina Pascual Deco

Paper stripe wide black and white: Gaulan

Box Room mother and daughter: painter Guayasamin

Table scepter and furniture fabric: Lake Italy

Shelves gray lacquered-to-measure design by Cristina Pascual Deco

Sofa: Moradillo

Rugs: KP




We are faced with the elegant foyer that opens up to the rest of the house. A space marked by the linearity, the balance and character of homogeneity, which extends for the entire house.

Console-to-measure design by: Cristina Easter Deco

Wallpaper: Gaulan

Round mirror-gold: Zara Home

Lamp velvet: Maison Du Monde

Carpet: Benuta




An open kitchen and light that it brings back the white and black tones that round off the set of the house. In it we see the naturalness of a space marked by flowers and light.

Chairs: Model Helena is a Famo

Table: Ikea

Clock Wall: Caimi Brevetti

Sheet: Desenio

Bedroom kids


Bedroom kids

This is one of the two bedrooms for children with the housing. The two rooms in which we observe small nods to the american cities most critically acclaimed. Once more, the elegance and the modernity go hand in hand.

Desks: as design of Cristina Easter Deco

Nightstands child: as design of Cristina Easter Deco

The Mesilla girl: Ikea

Cushions: purchased in EE. UU.

Quilts: Zara home

Desk chairs: Famo

Carpet: KP

Master bedroom


Master bedroom

And we came to the last area of the house, one of the most sophisticated, it is the main bedroom. In it are predominantly in shades of ocher, the warmth and elegance of a room is decorated with care and dedication.

Wallpaper: The Court English

Textiles: Zara Home and Gnacedo

Tables: Ikea

Lamps: The English Court

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