When it comes to decoration of classrooms, it is common to feel overwhelmed when you put all the pieces together to make a harmonious whole and attractive. You should consider the paint colors for the walls, what type of furniture you already have and what new furniture we need, and how to organize them, and customize them.

Decoration of classrooms

The first thing you need to figure out is what is your style of decoration. Look at photos of salons will help you to define yourself, and it will guide your decisions about furniture, paint colors, window coverings, flooring and accessories.

Choose your style

Search in blogs and magazines of decoration to find your ideal style. Pinterest is also a great resource. If you like the clean lines and wood grain exposed, it is possible that you will like what modern mid century. Or if you prefer wood seats, and upholstered in natural fabrics, you may like the rustic decoration.

Once you’ve determined your style, begins the fun part: buying furniture or decorative accessories new, and try to reuse what you already have. Start with the large items, a sofa, a rug and an entertainment center, as they take up more space and are the focal points of the room.


There is a mistaken belief that modern rooms are cold and lack personality. But this is far from the reality. The living rooms modern can be warm and inviting. If well in the modern living rooms predominate over straight lines, simple, and minimal decor, it makes up for with its elegance.

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The term for this style comes from the european culture, like victorian and art deco, as well as the Greek and the roman. These styles are mixed and the result is interior design modern classic european, is a timeless style.


Textures and organic colors that bring the beauty of nature into the home. The rustic decor is always a good idea, to create a space that is welcoming and warm.

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Zen in interior design, this means balance, relaxation, and harmony. Is the concept of creating an atmosphere that appeals to tranquility in the midst of these modern times and stressful. For most people, this area of the home is where you can relax with the family or have fun with friends. That is why the zen-inspired is a great idea for the living room.


The walls of brick greet prints typographical black and white, the windows of the factory are with carpets hairy and iron pipes are with wooden floors to create spaces that look perfect. Injected details original, comfortable seating and beautiful lighting fixtures in a space-coated concrete.


His love for simplicity, natural elements, and functionality is especially ideal for a living room.


Not committing to any particular style and putting together a living room with our decorating pieces favorite may seem like a simple task. This could not be further from reality, since the eclectic style requires a lot more discipline to not be a disaster. With a living room eclectic, you are showing your personality.

Taking measurements of the living room

Make sure you know the size of the space where you want to place the pieces of furniture, rugs, and decorations. No one has it all memorized and it is a good idea to have a practice guide with the steps written down for reference when necessary. The tips provide a good guidance, but ultimately you must do what will work best for your space and your personal taste. That is what counts most.

Location of the furniture

A common problem that people have is not knowing how to arrange furniture in the living room. The most common is to place the sofa against one wall, a pair of armchairs on both sides of the sofa, and that is all. But to place the furniture requires a little more planning. There are important considerations as choosing a focal point, create conversation areas and consider the flow of traffic.


Go back and notice the furniture and decoration of existing. You must get rid of the furniture damaged, obsolete, too big, too small or that you don’t like. If it is a family heirloom or a piece that you want to keep, you can place it in other place of your home.


Carpets can be a big challenge. There are several reasons why it is important to use them, but before you buy something just because you like it, make sure you know all the basic rules for the carpets. The most important consideration is size. When a carpet is too small, you can make the entire room look disjointed, so you know what is the best size and shape are arranged furniture. All furniture should be supported at the top of the carpet, and, ideally, there should be around 25 to 50 cm free floor between the edges of the carpet and the walls of the room.

Art on the wall

Empty walls are a sign of a room is incomplete. This does not mean that you have to fill each square meter, but decorate the walls with art, it is important to. But it does not have to be expensive, create an attractive appearance and cohesive. What one person considers art can be drastically different from what another person thinks. The best thing you can do is follow your instincts when it comes to what you like. Find out about the basic ground rules of what to hang and how to organize it, and then let your heart be your guide.


The lighting is an element that is somewhat complex in any room. In the classroom, it is not so complicated as in the rooms are more utilitarian as the kitchens, but there are some important considerations that should not be ignored. The most important thing is that you need to include each one of the three main types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. The light sources should be placed at different levels throughout the room. Considered chandeliers elevated or recessed lights, table lamps, and floor, and wall sconces.

Choose a color palette

Choose the paint color correct is not so simple. If there is something that most people do wrong, is to choose the paint color first. Paint is relatively easy and inexpensive. First choose the most expensive pieces, and then choose a color based on them.

The color will set the tone of your room. A room mainly blue and green have a calming effect, while the vibrant colors (reds, yellows, oranges) are energizing. A room neutral whites, tans, and gray is the perfect canvas to place accents, bright and bold.

Choose colors that you like to see every day. Take a look at your wardrobe and observes the tones you use. Or if you are going to use a piece of art or decoration important, choose a palette based on the main colors of this item.

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Decoration of small living spaces

Interior decoration can be a puzzle. Each room has its fundamental parts, but there are endless configurations, colors and layouts that you can choose. Most of the rooms have couches or chairs, a television, and maybe a small table or ottoman. Walls, photos and illustrations, curtains for the windows and cushions or blankets to decorate.

But, when you have a room to be limited in size, trying to arrange everything in such a small area can make it feel crowded. To help, we gathered examples of small living spaces for the answer to this question frustrating of how to decorate a small living room.

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Decoration dining rooms

When you have an open house, with the living room and dining room together, the best way to decorate is by using common elements in both, whether it’s the color, the materials or forms. This way, you will feel like a fluid space, although it has two separate areas, they are united among themselves.


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