The decoration for the living room, to be signed by the architect, Gislaine Garonce no evidence that the classic feel of a professional. With elegant furnishings and soft colors such, Gislaine bet on accessories, such as frames, and objects on the coffee table, to bring in color to the environment-all designed in black and various shades of ivory and bronze.

The decoration for the living room To be thought of, to get amigosEstar designed to get friends.”>

Décor for a living room, the details that make the environment elegant

In between, the choices are remarkable elected to the living room, you will find the wallpaper of the century, and furniture-mirror, which, in addition to the charm, it also provides a feeling of spaciousness. The black carpet was a choice of Gislaine Garonce that gets highlighted in the project, consisting of straight lines and a well-stamped gifts in the form of the sofa and side tables-and-center.

the decoration for the living room To be thought of, to get amigosEstar designed to get friends.”>

The linen has a presence on the screen that was embedded into a detail at the plaster to provide the most light and the beauty of the decor for the living room, which, according to the architects, was designed for friends to gather and enjoy quality time together. “I thought of a tv, for all the people you could talk to,” explains the architect, who works in Brasília, 1999.

In the absence of a tv in the room, it was on purpose, in accordance with the professional, in order to promote more interaction among its users, who can choose from two comfortable and spacious seating to sit side-by-side, or in between the two big chairs in the shade of sand, arranged side-by-side from the other, in order to facilitate communication between people. A suitcase and a trunk, make time for a side table in the space.

the decoration for the living room With straight lines and sober colors make up the decoraçãoLinhas straight lines, and colors making up the decor,”>

Two potted plants are also part of the decoration in the living room. Of wood and with straight lines, they harmonize beautifully with the rest of your choices, leading to color and light to the project, signed by Gislaine Garonce.

The enlightenment, with the niche in the roof, strategically placed, giving the final touch for the appreciation of the objects and furniture in the room. The points of light forming part of a whole space, including the sides, where the value of the coat, and the works of art, and it’s also in the middle of the space, which light up as well, with the white light in the common area. Also, on the special two lamps that in addition to being decorative, giving the space a touch of elegance, which will also enhance the lighting, it can also be a place of refuge for the operation of the books which make up the atmosphere around the table in the center, on the side tables, and dresser.

Gislaine Garonce is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva Decora, an architect and city planner, he works at the market of brasilia, from the end of 1999.

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