What colors to choose? How do I combine them? In what proportion?… Many are the doubts that assail us when we face the decoration of our home. And that is that the color gamut will play a fundamental role in the perception of the space. Of the peace and the coolness that breathe in northern environments, with a predominance of wood, white, grey and black, to the vitality and optimism of the projects more pop, which involved yellow, pink, orange or red.

Everything will depend on the style you are looking for. Help yourself to furniture, textiles and accessories, either combining colours neighbours on the colour wheel (like the green and the blue, if you’re looking for harmony), or opposite (such as white and black, or green, and pink, if you prefer the contrast). And remember, the rule of 60-30-10 advisable to use a dominant color in the 60% of the space, one side in the 30% and another for the remaining 10%.

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Decorate your house and create the color

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