A Claude Monet, an Yves Klein, a Vasily Kandisky, a box of Frida Kahlo. They all have a name and a surname. Artists that are part of the canon to illustrate perfectly the spirit of their time, the Zeitgeist. Painters and painters with those who, like don’t, do we fantasize about for their creative potential. Even more so if we imagine that any of his paintings could dress scoop on the walls of our home. Because art is transverse. It takes up the whole; the museum, the galleries, the streets of the city… And also because, the art, one can invite you to that between quiet in the immediate vicinity of the house.

That is why today, when it seems that we spend more time than ever in our homes, why not take care of down to the last detail? What if we were to do it through art? Marked by extreme sensitivity that will not only be a simple decorative element, but be awarded personality and emotion to our stay.

Because, although sometimes pass unnoticed before classic and contemporary works, what is certain is that the art is able to help us connect and manage the moods. Create that void, that emptiness, in which the time of the artist joins with our time outside, away from home, the rest of the chores are relegated to the margin, as a sort of bubble of space-time that connects us with the living matter.

In fact, as explained by the artist Rosa Galindo, “a frame can completely change a space and fill it with warmth and life of a stay cold,” says Rose.

“Art, in addition to light and color, brings sensations and states of mind, and fills our days of poetry”.

The choice of a work of art in our house is not none theme trivial. It is important to find those who transmitted to us positive emotions, calm down and join usa good way to redecorate our home and take care of ourselves.

In relation with the tendency to accumulate works of art, without any connection, the artist also recommends that the work doesn’t end up being an element of decor and take a special role, the ideal thing is that “you choose the one that will awaken an emotion or having some special meaning for those who dwell in that home”.

Each piece of art a person and every person a feeling. And it is art that remove us, transports us, binds us to the past, at other times with the present, and above all, it reveals to us, through your brushstrokes, the importance of creating a personal universe in the home.

The artist Rosa Galindo tells us how to enjoy world of the art at home and how to decorate with it different spaces. A paradise for art lovers, but also for those who love the good taste and aesthetic sense. We show now some of the keys to your house is a space full of art. Art with life. Living with art.

Find your place


Find your place

Every work a unique space. The important thing is to give each piece the prominence it deserves, therefore, we must find a place in which they can express themselves in all its essence. An art piece, well-chosen can get to enhance any space. Rosa Galindo confesses: “my weakness are large formats because they add a lot of strength and personality, and they avoid combinations of several parts that many times overshadow each other”.

A work of art you can dress up any room in the house, from an area in which you get to make it visible, to the kitchen and the bathroom, although always be safe from potential damage, to separate environments, such as in the living room to the dining room, or even to highlight an area or wall as the headboard in a bedroom or sitting on the sofa, the fireplace or the main piece of furniture.

Express with it


Express with it

Rosa Galindo advises you to decorate with pieces that communicate, express themselves and make them feel something. “A work must fall in love, regardless of the style, theme or color scheme. The connection that comes with it will never disappear and will be with you always.”

When choosing a work, it is important to look at many, and with the very open mind. One realizes that this is the perfect piece for your space when, in front of her, he feels that gives him something special.

Connection with the environment


Connection with the environment

Connect with the environment also involves connecting to the work of art in the space, both engage in dialogue in order to give us something special. One of the keys for a work to convey their emotions and invite
to stop, look and enjoy the space is to get this dialogue with everything that is around you.

The overall color of the room influence how that work of art stand out or accompanying this decoration. Tries to establish a direct relationship with the fabrics, the textures and the materials that surround the work. Take your tones and colors to use as color accent in the decoration of that room. Thus you will get a tuning and visual harmony in the environment of the work. If the objective is that it is positioned in a first plane including the rest of the room, not to look for the visual continuity and let the work stand out above the rest.




The light, coming in spurts for the living room, is one of the keys to enhance a work of art. Because the lighting of the room, and its corners is one of the key aspects in the interior decoration.

When lighting a work of art Rosa Galindo advisable to use a light neutral and powerful to allow contemplate and enjoy the piece of art in all its breadth.

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