Decorate the bedroom with little money, good taste and style, can be very simple, if you have the creativity to do so. We’re not suggesting completely remodeling or buy all furniture and new accessories, but some small changes can go a long way in the revitalization of the space. So here we bring you some of the proposals to give a modern air to your bedroom.

Decorate the bedroom with little money

Add a accent wall

Add a unique accent wall, can be a very simple way to add style to the room, and save you money on materials.


Decorate a wall with vinyl

For those who do not intend to re-paint the wall and are intended to decorate the bedroom with a little money, a very easy way to achieve it, is sticking wall stickers on the walls. For this choose the shapes and colors of your liking and that it be well with the other tones in the room, to make sure that the result is as expected.


It is an easy way to give personality to the decor, and can be applied on walls, floors or furniture. In a moment you can achieve an elegant decor and a fun, effortless and low-cost. In addition, if you get bored you can despegarla easily without damaging the surface.


To add a reading nook

Add a reading corner can give you a lot of style to the room, in addition to make a space more cozy and comfortable. All you need to do is to clear one of the corners of the room and add a comfortable chair, or well an old chair restored; these last are very fashionable.



Incorporate a plant

If your bedroom gets an adequate amount of light, the addition of plants is a quick and easy way to enhance the space. If you do not receive enough light, a bouquet of fresh flowers on the light table or desk is an easy way to put a touch of eye-catching color.


Change the layer clothing

This simple change, although it may seem insignificant in the room, it can be a simple and inexpensive way to give life to the bedroom. With a piece of fabric flashy, or with different pieces of fabric leftovers (that in every house there is), can be a nice quilt new, and even matching cushions.



You can add a lot of style in the decoration through of materials and textiles, for example, you can use bedding that attract a lot of attention is elegant and sophisticated. Crochet in color classy is responsible for giving a lot of style to the room.

Create a shelf

A platform floating above the bed or on a wall without embellishments can be used to put small candles, books, ornaments or so many things that you can get interesting to be placed there, as a way to encourage even more the environment.



Color accessories

Many people keep their bedrooms color neutral,l so the best way to add color is through accessories. Anything from vases, lamps, frames for photos, among many others, can be incorporated in your room, with bright, bold colors.


The vibrant colors and intense in accessories in the home as cushions, carpets or curtains, on the other hand, they can become the best way of adding interest to these spaces, injecting a bit of vitality.



Play with paint

We do not mean to paint the whole room (though this is another great way to improve your space), we refer to small things like furniture. A dresser or night table can be completely transformed by a new coat of paint in a bright color. Choose a color of your choice and that is compatible with the color scheme in your room, to give life through the same to a piece of furniture that was going unnoticed.


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The paint on the doors or windows is another way to add a lot of style in little time. The majority of the times we keep our door simple and boring without realizing that they are a key element that can add a lot of style.



Art economic

To implement a work of art you can be very cheap, if they use their own imagination to build it yourself. Or you can use a photograph with a beautiful frame as an accent in your room, without spending almost nothing. Most of the materials that will be able to use insurance you have found in your own home.


Pictures and photos are a decorative feature that works very well to give personality to a wall. You must learn to play with colors and sizes for the decor really make you look.

Vintage elements

A tip that can be very useful for décor economic, is the implementation of antique elements reconstructed, given that the ancient pieces usually have a lot of style and at the same time rebuilt with modern elements, almost always ending in an interesting piece.


As well as decorating with fabrics you can add a lot of style to your rooms, without the need of a large expenditure of money, you just need to let her imagination or inspiration in any proposal that like to create visual interest in your bedroom.

Another alternative for other decorative, can be put tulle or fabric to taste, covering the bed, arranged on a support environment to the same; which recreates a space of fantasy fascinating.

Fabrics and upholstery add a lot to the decor of a room. You can choose a fabric which is very original to cover your furniture.

Night table decorative

The night table is probably one of those bedroom furniture which don’t pay much attention, however, if we use a decorative, achieve a radical change in the bedroom. The principle does not fall within one of the first purchases for the house and then when we choose him, we usually something functional, that is to tone and with that we settle. Not bad, but if you want to add a bit of style to your home, you may be interested in seeing some different options cheap to replace these classic tables.

When budgets are scarce, it is where you can find the best results; almost anything that serves to support a lamp will be great, so that you can find in something as unthinkable as ladders, trunks and suitcases old, one of the segments where you get to better results.

If you like to stay in bed after waking up and having breakfast there, you may need to opt-out of this practice idea, focused for the lovers of a pleasure as delicious as it is to eat something sweet, and a good cup of coffee, quiet in the bed.

You can decorate furniture, boring and simple using paper painted trim and painting. You must create contrast in the room through an original design furniture, created by you.

The designs strangers can be found at any home furniture and that way we also add a dose of modernity to the room.

Do not be swayed by the comments that the classical ideas are not attractive; that is a lie, since here we show you a, that is very beautiful and combines perfectly with the environment.

Remember also, that there will always be something new to use as a table light and a clear example of this, is this tank of milk, such as those used on the drums, prior to the processing plants.

The decoration in our home can become very boring if we don’t seek the way to add style. The paint you choose for a room without doubt will add a lot to the décor of the room, but it is important to note that with only paint we are not decorating. We have to play with the accessories of the room. To help and inspire you, here we will show ideas for decorating.

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Decorate the bedroom with little money

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