If until now we have always understood that white is the color most successful as the basis for the decoration of the house, because it provides a feeling of cleanliness, it is aseptic, expands the space visually, and allows you to decorate with pieces and accessories of diverse invoice, origin and chroma… it is fair to say that the black is not far behind. It is a color that provides elegance and sophistication, which increases the deco range of any home.

Of course, for the use of the color black we need wider spaces and plenty of natural lightbut also can be used in the small. In so doing, it seeks not to give him a protagonist excessive, if not more use for the add-ons.

How to use it

Combining it with the color white, are a binomial of success, a classic that always works.

In the kitchen, you can decantarte for wardrobe doors in black and work surfaces, floors and walls in white. Or choose a floor tile and colorful decantarte furniture and black walls in a coated washable marbling in the predominant mode of grain in one of the colors of the soil. You can also decantarte for just one piece, like the fridge in black color if the space available is small.

In the living room. Here, you can dare for a leather sofa and furniture in black if you have a lot of light and space; otherwise, you can opt for a few pieces in black or painted in this color one wall and give prominence; if the space is small, choose the color black for the details and commitment to the white as the background color.

In the bathroomyou can decantarte by sanitary ware and black in color and tile a wall with a mirror to visually expand the space. This is an option that conveys elegance and audacity.

In the children’s rooms, and above all youth, the color black can be used as strokes: a chair, a lamp, some detail… brings a note rock and rebellious.

In the master bedroom, painting the headboard wall in black and the rest opt for soft tones and natural woods can result in very elegant.

The black also works very well with the gold tones, such as bronze, brass… it’s a combo that often takes us back to a vintage-style or, on the contrary, install us in the most absolute modernity. Using the gold in the fixture, lamps, handles, etc

As you can see, it is a color of success, luxury and very contemporary.

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