During this unexpected quarantine, many of us are teletrabajando from home, but many others have not been able to transfer your job to your home. Be that as it may, most of us are spending a lot more hours than usual at home, which imposes challenges such as the fight against the boredom, the ability of keep the house as clean and tidy as possible, or to adapt the coexistence with the rest of our household members to this unique situation.

However, this small retreat from the outside world also has a lot of good things, like finding definitely that time is so precious to carry out the tasks of the house that we had been delayed for one reason or another. In that sense, to make smaller plans as the change of wardrobe, an inventory of objects, from old clothes or utensils stored, cleaning and organization bottom of the stays, or spend more time in the kitchen are great options to fight the dead hours at home and take advantage of the quarantine.

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Workshops and online advice

Where do we start? The same is happening with many other sectors such as leisure, sport, well-being or health, whose practitioners are filling the social networks of live videos giving advice, teaching classes or offering concerts online, the inspiration deco virtual-is also within our reach.

If you are aware of our social channels, such as our account on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see videos about our interior designers, and interior designerstheir ways to take advantage of the quarantine or tips and tricks to make small to big changes at home.

Or you can also look for inspiration on other platforms, more dedicated to show you, step by step, the creation of small hands-on projects. We have called attention to the proposals of the web page, Bauhaus, a brand dedicated to diy, the reforms, the decoration and care of the garden, in which you will find videos to make proposals ingenious and very useful for the home, such as creating a mini garden, a kitchen, a coat hanger, wooden cups, a book shelf, floating or even a bathroom furniture made of wooden boxes.

Both in the web page as on the account Instagram of Bauhaus, you will also find ideas on reforms more elaborate changes such as floors, walls, paintings, or furniture, divided by rooms, in which they explain the grounds to build a playground in the garden, or how to lay artificial turf, tips on the best soils or fences for the terrace, the colors that best suit every type of home or how to give a new look to an old piece of furniture… are you Ready to make a true point of your home for the summer?

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Deco-line workshops to take advantage of the quarantine

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