In our country there are more and more people, couples and families who are opting for housing lease. The crisis has certainly prevented the financial means of the majority of families are sufficient to have access to a dwelling on the property, but at the same time, there has been a change of mentality, and since it is not considered that renting is a waste of money, as it was yesteryear.

One of the factors that have influenced this way of prioritize the rental to the purchase of housing it has been without doubt the instability of both work and personal lives of the younger generation, and in the age of independence. Today, the way of to conceive of our work, our relationships and, of course, our home, is therefore much more fleeting.

However, at present, the average time it takes to rent a house is of six monthsbut this time may be reduced considerably with a good management of the operation, though always without rushing to avoid problems. And, you might ask, what has that to do exactly a good tenant to be? What about a landlord? Because we know that, to enjoy a few interior of scandal, the first step is to enjoy a good home, we have compiled for you this series of premises, to have in mind when renting a floor, and that both parties can enjoy a just and peaceful coexistence.

For a coexistence between owners and tenants

1. It is essential to draft a rental agreement is clear and simple.

This will help both parties to establish what are their rights and obligations. The best way to do this is to always go to a trusted professional who can advise you on the matters that should be regulated, while protect your interests, and by providing potential future problems. This is the time to put all the cards on the table and verify that both tenants and owners are compatible with each other.

Coexistence between landlord and tenant

2. It is important to pay the rent on time and according to the manner agreed upon.

The good tenant will prevent this a possible claim of the owner, so that, ultimately, you could end up in a legal process of eviction. On the other hand, the good landlord must will guarantee, to the extent possible, the coverage of a possible default by either the constitution guarantees or endorsements of the other type, which will allow it to collect the rent even against the will of the tenant if he refuses to pay.

3. It is advisable to comply with the agreed time on the contract.

Currently, the renters must be a minimum of six months and to give to the landlord a minimum of 30 daysand if it is agreed in the contract, the owner may claim the amount that is equal to one month’s rent for each year to be met if the tenant leaves the property before the end of the contract.

4. It is necessary to respect the rules and bylaws of the Community of Owners.

The good tenant must also avoid causing problems to the rest of the neighbors. For its part, the good landlord shall protect your tenant and do everything in his power to safeguard the integrity of it, either in meetings of owners, or in the exercise of his duties as an owner.

5. Never forget that there is that to take good care of the home.

May seem like a no-brainer, but you have to at all costs to avoid behaviors that may cause damage to the housing. It is the responsibility of the tenant to check, even before signing the contract, the proper functioning of the elements of the home: blinds, radiators, doors, taps… For its part, the owner must deliver the property in perfect condition.

6. It is advisable to prevent the possible realization of works.

Both on the part of the tenants and the owners, keep in mind that any type of work, although they try to hang pictures on the wall can be in principle strictly prohibited unless express written consent of the owner. In the same way, if it has been agreed that the tenant to carry out certain improvements to the floor, this should lead to a reduction in the incomebecause it provides a direct benefit to the home owner’s property in the future.

7. Keep in mind how you will be paid the supplies.

In general, it is usually the owner who provides the tenant put supplies in your name so that, in the case of a default, the supplying companies to turn against him or her. For this reason, it is also the responsibility of the tenant to pay the supplies in due time.

Renting a home

8. When you leave the house.

The tenant, of course, must try to leave it always as it was before going to live in it, so that the owner could not claim a pro-rata portion of the bond if it finds that the landlord has been causing any damage in the house. Not to be so, obviously, the landlord must return the deposit in full to the tenant, always best coinciding with the delivery of the keys.

9. It is advisable to take into account who is responsible for the repair of the damage.

This section should specify all of the possible damages, as there are some that are caused by wrong use, but the majority are given by the normal use and the wear and tear of objects of the house. The arising of the age or poor condition, in their majority, they should be replaced by the owner, since in the beginning the tenant agreed to enter the floor in certain conditions that must be respected.

10. First of all, try to maintain a good relationship.

Yes, that is definitely the stone key to success for a coexistence of rent. In this way, we will create an environment that facilitates the dialogue and in which each party may make appropriate claims in the best possible way, thus facilitating the solution of any problems much more quickly and efficiently.

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