The curtains for the living room, like the curtains for a room, they tend to be overlooked when planning a room. However, it can play a major role in the ambiance of a space, defined as the incidence of light, and by regulating the temperature and noise levels. It can also be the object of the highlights of your decoration, bring to light, luxury, style, and comfort… All of it depends on the taste of its people. But how do you choose? The following are five tips to ensure you don’t make mistakes when it comes to choose one of the curtains to the living room to make your living room the perfect

5 Tips to choose curtains for the living room

1. – To warm up the environment:

261 Curtains for the living room-large and spacious, with a dining room table

Curtains for living room can be a warm ambiance

If the room is cold, a good trick is to warm it up is to use the fabrics light. Such as, for example, in the shantung silk or linen; curtains made of velvet; and all the models in a blackout, because they are so heavy.

The curtains in the living room for a warm ambiance

It’s a good idea to bet on bold colors, you heat up the atmosphere in the sense of beauty. A curtain of brown, ochre, or fendi, in addition to being awesome, it brings warmth to the space.

2.To zoom in on an environment:

5452 Curtains in the living room of the roll in the living room and dining room

The curtains of the room, they can be used to expand an environment

The lighter and more transparent, the better. Then, a lot of bright colours and sheer fabric – like voil, crepe or gauze — that is not, in contrast with the color of the wall. Thus, the light comes on the environmental awakening of a feeling of spaciousness.
White accessories helps a lot. It is a good idea to install cortineiros embedded in the lining of the plaster, so that it does not draw attention to it. It is also possible to show them to enhance the value of the curtains of the night.

3.To improve the acoustics in:

5678a Curtains in the living room

The curtains in the living room for a tv should be in heavy favor of the acoustic

The premise, to improve the acoustics in it is the same as that of the heat in the environment, using fabrics thicker. In this case, they are given because they give ease to the reverberation of the sound. A good model of a venetian blind is the duette. When you open it, small bags of aluminum with air in between, which will help to control the sound.

The other option is a the curtains are made of fabrics, rubberizedas of the record — of-record. The trick is to put them in the back of the quilt, using it as a one liner that blocks out the sound of the street.

4. To block out the sun

5219a Curtains in the living room

Curtains for the living room to block out the sun, without losing any of the brightness

The sun is in excess tends to screw up on the floor, furniture, heating in excess of the environment. The shutters on the type of screen that are great for decreasing the entry of the sun, without losing any of the style. This is because they let in light, but the sun and the harmful UV rays. Pointing out that the shutters should always to dress up the entire area of the window, including the frame, so as not to leave any ray passing.

The curtains to block the light, in the environment

The other option is that it brings out the guard, but without losing the lightness and transparency of the blinds duette eclipse.
For those who are looking for a 100% no light at the tip are the popular curtains black out blinds roll on the kind of black out, and that brings in the feeling of power.

5. To attend:

4717a Curtains in the living room

The curtains in the room for it to be a strong imprint on the environment

If your wish is to point out that window, and then the trick is to wear it with a curtain. A trend in the sector is on the cloth, gauze, linen, widely used by interior designers. Some people are afraid to buy a piece of gauze from 100% fine because it only if it can be dry clean. A good option is to bandage the joint, which is composed of polyester. The repair is a lot easier, because I can wash it at home.
You can also play around with the two fabrics give you a free. Using scarves in fine fabrics like silk and velvet, in a different colour to the main chosen for the curtain and it is very charming.

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The text is written by Chris Malta. With more than 28 years of experience in the field of the architecture and decor of a show She has a well diversified portfolio, with projects in the residential, commercial, and corporate banking both inside and outside of São Paulo.

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