Many of us love to decorate our house with our ingenuity and manual skills, and more if you need few materials, resources, and even more, if we can recycle items that we all have at home. Today we show you how to create a ornament of imitation wrought iron to decorate your walls with items easy to achieve. An idea-truly affordable and easy to achieve.



The only thing they need are several cartons of toilet paper rolls, long strips of cardboard that can be purchased using rolls of kitchen paper, wooden sticks, hot glue, and spray paint tone metal.



Here is the step-by-step of how to do this craft idea to decorate the walls.

First, you need to cut the rolls of toilet paper into several pieces and all with the same width. You should cut it so that the cardboard will keep the form of a ripple. You do not have to use the cardboard of the toilet paper, you can use any cardboard, but we all use toilet paper, so this is a good opportunity to recycle and put to good use.

To achieve a better-shaped curl, you can try it with a brush or pen, and to help the cardboard take the shape you want. Wrapped the cardboard around the brush, and you’ll get a good curl.

Then, you start to create the fence false, first hitting two long strips of cardboard in the shape of a cross, and then go on pasting small pieces with forms of curls, the ideal is to create a symmetrical design. The hot glue will be critical in this step so that the structure is securely locked. You can use your imagination and achieve the design you like the most.

Uses sticks of wood to build a frame-and-paste the structure that you’ve built inside the frame and leave it as a box.

Once you have finished your design, you paint it all with aerosol with a color of your liking, to give it a metallic tone and ready. You’ll have a beautiful embellishment wall faux iron.


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