The presentation of this property could be said that it is half way between a bar, a cocktail bar and a restaurant. Behind its doors, it opens up a space of only 40 square meters, which are defined as “the smallest continent possible for the most extensive ever told”.

Continuous Service 1

In terms of the aesthetics of Continuous Servicecalls attention to that it is a tribute to the Loos’s American Bar in Vienna mixed with references of clubs of a gentleman English, with some reminiscent Art Deco. So, as a project, according to the study, does not respond to fashion, was conceived free from prejudice, “and that is what makes it authentic.”

Continuous Service 2

It is important to note that only opens from 20h to 3 in the morning, what justifies a set design that could be carried to the extreme, such as curtains, pleated in the area of the facade to to protect the privacy of the customers. The bathrooms are also an example of recollection and intimate and personal, without losing an apex of the style of the premises.

Continuous Service 3

Lighting plays a key role in enhance the romantic atmosphere and welcoming that catches you nothing more to enter. You have selected lamps with screen fabric to be placed on top of the bar, creating a soft lighting that wraps to the customers and their conversations.

Continuous service 4

The walls, bathed in cobalt blue, welcome pictures of Guillem Santomáillustrations Blanca Miró drew purpose for Continuous Service and, in addition of this mixture, it adds a graphic design, fully ground-breaking work of Robbie Whitchead.

Continuous service 5

But there are other walls in which the leading role is taken by the ” popular materials, such as cork, which is perfectly combined with details such as brass. Chairs purchased at an antique shop and upholstered in velvet are a proof of the authenticity that Cristina Carulla Studio has wanted to put in this local fashion.

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