The home staging or staging never ceases to amaze us. A technique based marketing to improve the image of a home through a design and interior design specific. That is to say, prepare a property for sale, in such a way that it maximizes its attraction. What the purpose? Accelerate the sale. But the way we meet with reforms, like the one we bring you today, will not go unnoticed.

The front of this project is Antonia Garcia, architect specialized in home staging and director of Musart Interior design. It is a reform of a semi detached house located in the Golf Hacienda del Alamo, Murcia, within a privileged environment to twenty minutes from the Mediterranean sea. An excellent location for holidays or use it as a regular residence.

The reform has been a concrete, direct, giving the space a minimalist appearance. Inside, we look at how to dominate the neutral colors, mostly white and gray, and the straight lines. An example of a total of how to integrate in your home, the timelessness of the neutrals that, if you are still not you know it, you absolute trend!

Before the process of transformation, the house had a series of arches for access to the different rooms, that have been removed, leaving the hollow to 90 degrees, which has given the space a more breadth and dynamism.

From Musart Interior design recommend the home staging as its service more current, since, according to the Association of Home Staging Spain, the houses that have been subjected to this process, sell and rent much faster, and increase its price

Do not miss a single detail of this apartment with a minimalist style and neutral colors. A space that stands out for its spaciousness and the feeling of comfort that both seek lately. We’ll leave you with a gallery of images so that you can see, step-by-step, how has been the process of comprehensive reform of this house next to the Mediterranean sea.

A living room rustic style


A living room rustic style

During the reform project, the walls of the apartment have been smoothed and painted white to bring more light to the home, along with the marble floor cream ivory.

According to the interior designer Antonia Garcia, “in the living room fireplace in a rustic style, brick has been replaced by a sealed cassette of black color that provides comfort and security and cleaning”.

Kitchen is marked by shades of white


Kitchen is marked by shades of white

As we observe, in the kitchen predominantly neutral shades like white or gray. In its process of reform, has been replaced by a white high gloss, with silestone worktops of 12 mm, which visually brings a slight appearance. The appliances are made of glass color white of the brand Balay integrated very well in the set.

Simplicity and practicality


Simplicity and practicality

The bathrooms in the apartment reflects simplicity and, above all, they are very practical. They have replaced all the tiles, one by one in beige, combined with a cloth in the color charcoal grey.

“One of them has been mounted with fittings and profiling of black color, with a shower of large format in the same color as the tile anthracite grey, which replaced the old tub,” explains the architect. It has also put a fixed glass for a meter that allows you to easily access the shower. As to the furniture of bathroom, it has opted for furniture suspended, with washbasin on countertop.

In addition, in one of the bathrooms has become a foseado the perimeter of the ceiling by inserting an led light that generates an ambient light, where you can enjoy a relaxing bath.

A bedroom in shades of gray


A bedroom in shades of gray

We got to the bedroom, is a dynamic space and made for the break with predominant tones of grey and clear. It has a custom-made curtains in shades of gray as the head of the bed which has also been designed to measure and upholstered with the same fabric of the curtains, creating continuity and harmony to the room.

On the side of the head has installed an indirect light which allows you to create different environments. The quilt for the bed is white in color with texture of honeycomb and combines perfectly with the rest of the elements.

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