Always look for success in the decor of a space, it is good to take account of the opinion of the experts, and more when it comes to combination of colors, since a bad choice can pull down the decoration. With the end of their classrooms to meet their expectations, is presented by means of this post-some ideas of colors for painting a room more recommended.

Colors to paint a living room

Painting the living room gray and green

Tone as cold as those that make up the extensive range of gray can give us one of the types of decoration cooler if combined with yellow or green, which contribute effectively brightness to the spaces.

White, purple and grey

However, you can make a wise choice by colours much more vibrant if combined, energetic tones of purple with the versatile white color and are used contrasts of gray. Without a doubt, a very modern, plus super sophisticated, ideal for lovers of stylish spaces.

Blue and green

The combination of blue in its different tones to contrast with a beautiful green, it may be another of these combinations that can not fail to take into account as they make a true statement of style and good taste in the halls, making it ideal to flatter the view of those who visit us.

Green and red

The green and red, for being two colors opposite, you could think that we are unlikely to lead to success if they join together on a space; however, if you opt for a shade little intense for one of them, easily recreate spaces amazing.

Gray and orange

For lovers of the spaces to a bright, spacious and very clean, we present a combination that in addition to being spectacular turns out to be one of those who enjoyed greater popularity in 2013.

Different tones of grey

If you are looking for a look that is far from the that give us the intense colors, which tend to distract our attention from the small works of art or other objects that incorporate in our classrooms. The following combination of colors is one of the best that we have to show you, because you bet by the harmonized mix of shades of grey, blue, and green. A cool choice, relaxing, and very sophisticated.

Blue and brown

Another combination that every time you get a large number of followers is the one that harmonizes the calm of blue and grey cooler with the contrast and depth of the target and the chocolate.

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Colors to paint a living room

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