Perhaps you have ever noticed, that in the bathroom usually desaprovechamos certain spaces of great utility to store various things related to hygiene, such as towels, soaps, creams, shampoo, among others. So today I will show you some proposals decorative to take advantage of the space with cabinets for bathrooms and many more creative ideas for storage.

Cabinets for Bathrooms

Cabinets for the bathroom under the sink

All proposals are ideal both for those who have a very small bathroom as well as for those who have a large one, as in the first there is usually a lack of space for the organization while in the second it is easy for things to take a look much more chaotic.

Cabinets without door

Probably the most wasted is the sink. Many times, under the same, they remain empty spaces, to which you can add open shelving, that in case you have children, you can put things that are not dangerous to them, towels, rags, toilet paper, among others. But avoid putting things that can hurt or irritate the skin or eyes, such as shampoo, after-shave or shaver.

Cabinets with door

Of course you can also find cabinets with doors to prevent accidents with children, as we see below. In this photo we also see a closet in black color, one of the trends in the present.

Wardrobes with curtains

If you really interested in these ideas, but it is not your intention to spend much money on it, the solution may be simple. You can send to make the tables a shelf to a carpenter, and then arrange them and fit them together by yourself. Then instead of closing the closet door, you can achieve a beautiful fabric that matches the rest of the bathroom and place it style curtain, blocking out the closet. These sites are ideal for storing epilators, hair dryers and other electrical items.


The bathroom is often one of the sites of the house if you do not have caution tends easily to the disorder, and this is often attributed to the lack of space for organization on the same. The lack of space in the bathrooms (especially in the bathrooms smaller) will have to consider what areas of the house we can use to store towels.

For this purpose it is essential the presence of tall furniture, that will allow us to have more shelves at the same time, and we removed a large space of circulation. Another great alternative is the incorporation of built-in closets internal to the wall, which allow us a maximum utilization without removing circulation.

The vanity table or the top of the tank can also become good allies for the organization of small items in our bathrooms.

In case you have a closet that reaches a greater height, or have intentions of putting it, not only can you store more neatly, but we will be able to collate shelves for decorating with candles or other items that give the feeling of being in your own spa home. In many homes, this type of cabinets, large capacity, it is used to store a few pieces home to already come out dressed in the bathroom and not have to move up to the room to see what to wear.

Also keep in mind the possibility of drawers with vertical shelves.

Accessories storage

We want to give you some tips extra for you to solve some problem of storage. Sometimes we can’t put towels because we lack a recess in the bath for a new piece of furniture, but have you thought that you do not have to be a new piece of furniture?


The wicker baskets can be put on top of furniture that are already giving you the ability to put there towels in an orderly manner and without the need to buy anything new. Another option is to put them under the sink if there is nothing to occupy that space into something useful.

Another option is to use a magazine rack to hold towels. They are small and if you purchase a magazine rack in more or less large, we can place up to 12 towels well bent.


Another option for towel storage bathroom is to put them behind the door hooks estecolgadores. You can buy hangers up to 6 hangers.

A colgadera for towels and robes never comes bad, despite not being a shelf, works as such, and even better, because it can be made for items dry and the other for items wet.


Stairs, old or modern, can be an original way to also take advantage of the space and organize towels for example.


These ideas are simple, you already know that the bathrooms are not always spaced, and must make do with little space and try to keep everything that you need to hand. To do this, we take advantage of the small corners and boxes, dispensers of plastic or any other material that is so common it is, and attractive, to store towels and other.

If you don’t have much space you can take advantage of to decorate and organize the bathroom, placing these boxes under the sink, or you can take advantage of a corner near the TOILET to put some shelves that allow you to put the scope towels, toilet paper and even hygiene products such as soap, creams, deodorants and other.


A small table will do miracles to decorate and organize your bathroom, place it in a corner or in a space where it is perfect to have everything within easy reach and in it you put everything that you need. The organization is part of the decoration, in the most beautiful environment loses beauty but is ordered, you remember always.


Here we see jars which have been placed personal hygiene items.


Or a tray for the same purposes.

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