The idea of decorating a room with a predominant color can arise for the simple love of the same, or simply by the fact that it conveys a state of mind, you seek to convey to others that there dwell. Without further ado, we will see some classrooms blue, with a brief review of the qualities that are allocated to this color.

Classrooms Blue

Meaning of blue

Many will say that blue is associated with the sky and the sea, and it is not evil, since it is one of the colors, beloved, in combination with the white, for the houses of the beach. This is so because it is recommended for use in warm sites, to provide peace of mind and a refreshing feeling. But the blue has many associations, depending on the culture. In the west, philosophy and intelligence are associated with the same. According to Feng Shui, the blue promotes good omens in a profession or business.

Living room in blue

Colors that combine with blue

There are many tones that you can use, from the most vivid and bold, even pale shades, soft and subtle. The choice depends on the mood you want to generate in the people who inhabit this space.


The blue is very versatile, can be used in rooms of all styles and sizes. One of the easiest ways of combining it with neutral colors like white, beige or grey.

The dark tones combined with the colour of sand or greige e, they look fabulous.

The blue with gray acquired a lot of elegance.


Also looks very nice accompanied by brown.

When combined with white and wood, the blue is neutralized, however, provides a lot of depth. The color combined with the architectural details of the room, forming a space with lots of personality.

Keep in mind that in addition, a glossy finish will be much more vibrant than one mate. You have to take into account this point, especially when you use dark tones.



The blue and green is another of the combinations that you may have in mind.

Yellow or orange

One of the combinations is impressive, it is the blue with the orange or yellow. The use of opposite colors always generates a visual impact very interesting.

Different tones and shades of blue

Use different shades and hues, you can help us to create a game of contrasts very pleasing to the eye.

You can also use several shades of blue. These contrasts, subtle, will help us to play with the depths and shapes of the room.

The soothing tones of the sea and the sky are perfect for rooms with bohemian style. The harmony of the art tone-on-tone can be difficult to achieve, but in this case the huge window and the large amount of natural light that enters through it will help to create an environment very relaxed and cool.

The blue in the accessories

Decorate classrooms blue, should not be associated with painting everything and buy everything in that color, but a person to enter into the same, realize that is the color, around which revolves the living room. It is the focal point of the same, as is the case of the images below, where the whole room is white, but the sofa, with cushions of various reasons, he wins the attention of all. Another color that is achieved very well together with the blue one, is the brown, which in its various shades, can be introduced in the subtle details, as part of paintings, frames or furniture.

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