Perhaps many think that having a child at home means the order of the decor and the order. While it is true that we must adapt our home for the little ones, and that in addition the order will be affected daily by toys, books, pencils, and other paraphernalia child, we can ensure that the room of our children is adapted to your taste and needs, so that the small’d rather be in your bedroom and not wandering around in all the corners of the house. That’s why below, we show you a lot of ideas and photos of decoration for children’s rooms.

A Child's Room

The children’s rooms must have a large storage capacity, color options smart design and a long-term, that accompany the natural growth, transition and changes of taste of the children.

These bedroom must also be afforded a huge functionality, we need to establish well-defined areas for rest, recreation, and study; three basic functions for the healthy development of our children.

Color in children’s rooms

To do this, one of the keys is to find, within the colors of preference of their children, those who compatibilicen more with the furniture and accessories of your room, so incorporating them by means of a huge variety of proposals that will depend on just for the creativity of each one. The colors are one of the most effective ways to add spaces freshness, good taste and vitality.

Color cheerful and lively

The colors are essential for the spaces of children, but it is preferable to use one or two complementary colors, in order not to offend the sense of aesthetics. The strong work of the red and blue color in this room white make a perfect combination.

As we know, each child awakens to different interests, so that the options can be wide and varied. But what they do have in common by all the children, they love the very bright colours. All of them love to enjoy living spaces, cheerful and fun. The color, in general, recreates spaces more healthy than those with dark shades and dark.

Pastel colors

If the bright colors aren’t your favorite, you can opt for softer pitches, but also full of life. Tones of salmon, turquoise and white calcareous in this room are stimulating for the eyes of the little ones, but at the same time soft enough for the tired eyes of the adults.

Color gray

This color soothing, has been a staple in the interior of adults, but that doesn’t mean you can’t very well work in the space children. You can give him small hints of color in the accessories and adornments of bed.

Furniture and organization in the children’s rooms

There are some guidelines that you should keep in mind. Then we’ll show you which ones are the most important.

Furniture and ornaments in the long term

Choose accessories and furniture that adapt to the transition of the child as it grows. In this room we see a large map on the wall, that may be of interest to the little ones because of its colorful and will be educational for bigger kids, and in turn, furniture that will work perfectly for big kids and even adolescents.


Storage and order

Not only you can use plastic boxes stacked to hide the toys, you can also use trunks of wood, baskets, wall hooks and different types of boxes and drawers for decorating.


Wallpaper or wall decals for children’s rooms

Another proposal that has a lot to offer also in the decoration of children’s bedrooms, is the addition of wallpaper or wall stickers. Today the same we offer graphic designs, or animated cartoons favorite of our small, which allows us to upholstering your walls happy motifs child.


The main differences of these modern bedrooms for children with respect to the traditional ones, are the colour they are printed and the great diversity of graphic design that today we can reflect on your walls, furniture, and accessories.


To please your little ones and capturing full of interest we recommend therefore opt for your graphic designs or favorite cartoons and bright shades like orange, red, blue, green, and violet, among others.



Space to play in the children’s rooms

A child’s bedroom full of vibrant colors and fun designs, it is often one of the most effective ways to awaken from an early age the interest and imagination of the little ones, because this will be one of the first spaces that will have contact.

It is for this reason that one of the most effective ways to encourage our little ones is to give them the opportunity to have a space within its possibilities more joyful, colorful and creative.

Decorate by following a theme of inspiring

This is one of the tricks of the more easy to decorate a child’s room. You should investigate what is the favorite theme of your son, and on this basis to develop the decoration. For example, if your child likes the themes safari and animals, you can add decorative elements and colors inspired on this topic. In the photo, for example, we see a bedroom decorated with the theme of Spiderman.

spiderman bedroom+

In the bottom image, we see the maritime theme as a source of inspiration.

Or here clearly has been inspired by the colours of spring.

Another way to find inspiration is to look for a theme in children’s stories.

Or to focus the bedroom as if it were a games room.

Canopy beds can also be taken into account, since that will add an air of whimsy. Please take into account that will make it seem like the space a little more reduced, so that its use is advisable in large spaces.

Set up a play space

The bedroom is more than just a space to sleep, and this premise is true even more for the children. Therefore, you need to put together a nice play corner in the bedroom, that does not need to be very large.

rincon to play

Space high

The high spaces give children the inspiration to play and have fun. You can even use these areas as storage, since everything will be out of visual range, also taking advantage of certain spaces that are not typically used.

area high

Wall art

It is important for the child to customize the space, and for this nothing is better that he or she can put their scribbles and various paintings. This will cause the small to consider as their own that space, at the same time he can express himself freely.

wall art kids

Chalkboard walls

Slate walls can satisfy that urge deeply rooted in the children pick up a pencil or paint and draw and paint the walls. It is for this reason that use the paint chalkboard paint one wall in a child’s room is a great idea to give free rein to this impulse.

wall chalkboard

Separate a child’s room for multiple children

The colorful walls and designs for children’s fun, also is become one of our allies to separate spaces in case of shared bedrooms, since you can split the wall in different colors and patterns, so that the two children who share the room they can feel the protagonists of their own story, as we see in the image below.

Or create structures of wood to separate the beds, either horizontally or vertically.

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