The guru of the order japanese to Spanish. A tour for the order, the anticipation, and, still more important, our well-being. These are the values that must accompany us to the time to make a move, according to professional organizer Vanesa Naughtyformed in the united States with the guru, Marie Kondo. Because the move should not be synonymous with stress and bad sides. To the contrary, for the expert, it is a moment that needs to be very well-planned for you to enjoy it, and this also implies to leave certain objects.

So yes, goodbye to what no longer need it. Welcome the change, the transformation… The minimal is also the philosophy of Vanesa Naughty, who, no doubt in that “less is more”, and also encourages us to reconsider those items that no longer are useful. Especially taking into account that each person has in house an average of about 3,000 objects.

“We must desapegarnos of the things that we do not use”, explains during a virtual meeting organised by Citroën in which you have given the keys to the final a move easy and neat, in addition to announcing the advantages of the new Citroën ë-Jumpy – 100% ëlectric, which facilitates a fast moving, while respecting the environment.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter. How do we get a move easily, without complications, with order and without stress? Seem to be too many requirements. The boxes are accumulated in the input, the time is running out and we wrapped between articles and furniture that you no longer want or see. However, the difference between a move-in quiet and cheerful, and one that generates stress is, in addition to the anticipation, the attitude that we have.

“People think that making boxes is quick, but the changes should be prepared with a month and a half in advance to be able to do it with order and avoiding stress”.

As Wicked, it is for us to take the change of the home as an opportunity, a change in the to decide how we want things to be from now on and that when you place a lamp or a table in your new home the feel of you, enjoying watching you.

Above all, in a time in which the feeling of comfort and intimacy that should inspire our homes is more important than ever. The Covid-19 has taught us to take care of us and our home becomes a space livable and pleasing. Something that we can not lose sight of that. The move is also to enjoy, so take air, momentum and starts to put order with peace of mind.

Before you get hands-on with the move you must have in mind the idea that the order is well-being and happiness. Sometimes we hard times and this inner discomfort is projected on the exterior, that is to say, in our house. If your house and your environment are not sorted, if you see visual noise and you don’t see things that make you happy, then you will enter in the loop: “I’m dying of laziness, where do I start, etc…”. However, if you bring order and peace in your environment, this may help you to feel in balance.

We leave you now with the five key to make your move seamless, with order and without stress. A series of tips, according to Vanessa Naughty, teach us to live the changes of home in a different way and to enjoy them. What she says, which has already accumulated 17 moving and a long career as a professional organizer. Now, he shares his method, which, like everything else, it requires consistency and preparation.

Planning the move


Planning the move

A move can be easy and relaxed if we plan well. It is important to know where you are going, how is the house, what kind of stays account, and, of course, where you put every one of your furniture and items. ¡Plan is wise!

Anticipate and do it with time


Anticipate and do it with time

Another of the rules to enjoy a move is the anticipation. Make a move is not about to start with the boxes the weekend before the change. To the expert in order, Vanessa Naughty, the ideal is to do so with a month and a half prior to the change house is as quiet as possible, away from the stress.

Use boxes for storage


Use boxes for storage

When you have boxes, save there, you know that you’re not going to use. Do it for stays and it maintains a certain order. The question is: What do we do with those boxes? Nothing happens, you can be at home. The idea is to accept that you’re moving and that will be a long process.

You can search for a wall on which to leave all of the boxes stacked, or put them in each one of the rooms concerned. You decide, but of course, this will help you to be able to go picking up objects, and other items easily.

Vanesa Naughty recommended by the format of “boxes rack”; that is to say, pick up the hangers and storage as they are in boxes. Then, when you arrive to your new home, we hung directly where we have already planned. This can wait for the last days in the case of clothing that you often use.

Label the boxes


Label the boxes

It is important that you label the boxes and organize it by categories. For example; the articles of the kitchen, the bathroom, objects, decor… Also you can print for every room into a sheet on which to write down what is inside of each box according to the stay. This will help you to know the boxes that you have and its contents, in addition to knowing where to iran those boxes in the new house.

Discard what you no longer need


Discard what you no longer need

Finally, to rule out anything that you no longer need. Usually we tend to collect objects, memories… But, moving is one of the best opportunities to get rid of things that we have, that we didn’t know we had, or to donate them. Don’t we all just get everything old!

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