There’s no way around the world, to the life-long joins in with a lot of things that are useful and useless that they end up taking up a lot of space, especially in the living room of the house. To assist in the organization, and sometimes even hide it for a little bit of a mess, and the shelving can be a good solution for you, in addition to composing the layout and the decor of the environment.

With the lack of space, which is almost always the way it is to climb the walls, look at some of the types of racks or shelves for the living room, which we have separated for you.

Shelves are great elements of style and can house various interesting elements of the decor, like flower pots and tables. But to avoid cluttering the ideal is to bet on models with a door, the back of them you can save them, or to hide objects that are important, but it’s not cool to be exposed to it.

Some of the designs are very happy to be able to create templates that are fairly common to both of them, the open shelves to display and modules with doors to hide the clutter.

Bookcases for the living room Bookcases for the living room, can save a lot of objetosEstantes for the room can be used to store many items”>

Bookcases for the living room

The shelves are also quite commonly used by professionals in the architecture and interior design, when it comes to splitting of environments, making them a wall. Leaving the cabinet without a back, for the shelves, get cast and, in spite of the visual boundary to leave the light to pass between the rooms. If you love to escape the obvious way to have fun in the photo below, with a standard diagonal lines.

Bookcases for the living room Take a look at the shelves for a room that may help you in the organizaçãoVeja like the shelves for the living room, can assist in the organisation”>

When it comes to accommodating the TV on, just think about it, in the model of the shelf that you will choose, because it is a piece of furniture in which you are going to look at for a long period of time while you are watching a movie, for example. In this case, the concern is to hide the clutter, you also need to worry about how you will hide the presence of the power wires and the wires that connect the TV to the DVD player or the TV.

The model of the rack, in addition to the shelves, and in enclosed spaces, you can also take advantage of the niche model of the structure.

Bookcases for the living room Use shelves to divide salasUse stands for divide-label”>

When the rack, takes up an entire wall of the living room, he ends up becoming a point of focus is very important, and in those cases, it’s wise not to abuse a lot of the design, with straight lines and a wood-less obvious are some of the best options. In this way, you can abuse the use of ornaments, vessels, and even the books at the time of writing, the decor, the shelves in her living-room

Bookcases for the living room Bookcases for the living room, can cover paredesEstantes to the room, you can cover up the walls”>

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