The interior design studio ‘Pink Colet Interior Design’ he has been in charge of rehabilitating a home in Llafranc, a town in the Costa Brava catalana, of about 380 square feet of surface with the intention of achieving a home is bright, spacious and suited to the needs of the owners.

While at first the intention was to dress up a second home to enjoy the summer in the Catalan coast, the possibilities of reorganization of the house and its adaptation made it possible to create a new, more holistic living that allowed him to become a first home.

As well and to carry out the rehabilitation and planning, it was the experiences that were intended to live in the house, adapting each use and need the genuine way of understanding the life of the owners.

The result, a home by the light that flows in total freedom and comfort, calm and good energy to those who inhabit it, inviting you to enjoy its entirety, far beyond the material.

Housing for sharing

In terms of the distribution of the project, some of its main features are the visual connections that intertwine with the spaces and the flow that is conducive to it in these.

In this way, the space does not end in itself, but that it is always a preamble to the space beloweither both in the interior and in the exterior.

It is, therefore, a way to organize the constant movement in the volumes, spaces and light, managing to keep your eyes always on the point and followed.

The entire property has been carried out as an exercise of co-existence between the program needs, on the one hand, and the automation and technology that act of envelopes, on the other.

Adapted spaces and functional


Adapted spaces and functional

So, in this program needs we find, for example, a office with the possibility of isolation for small meetings, yoga classes, with a space of well-being or kitchen to share moments from the gastronomy.

Storage and outdoor space


Storage and outdoor space

It also has three suites adaptable, a heated pool, bbq area outside, a lift and a garage where it will fit cars, bikes, canoes, bugies and all kinds of storage.

Reuse of materials


Reuse of materials

In the space occupied by the facade and, in general, all around the outsidemaintains the essence of the existing houseusing and taking advantage of his carpentry, of wood, the roof tile arabian, masonry, dry stone and white walls that contrast the other elements. However, and although it builds upon the original, we have carried out some reforms needed to improve the final appearance.

Lighting and home automation


Lighting and home automation

It is just as important in this project, the lighting of the home, very neat to get a surround effect and adapted to each space and stay. In the same way, the home automation is present in the movement: it is not necessary to press any switch to enter in spaces such as the bathroom or the terraces, because the whole house is organized by means of a control of motion and function of the twilight.

Home cozy and warm


Home cozy and warm

In short, the place becomes a home not only for those who live in it, but for everybody who visit it, that gets to feel like in your own home.

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