The art is not just the finishing touch to a room, the art reveals the personality of the inhabitants of a home. It is also a very specific way to add color, patterns and interest. Here are some ideas of frames decoratives that you can use for the decoration of walls.


Boxes decorative black and white

A pair of black and white prints make a powerful statement in this white space. Definitely, a few boxes of decorative very simple to make at home.

Frames decorative

Professionals know that the illustrations on sized play an important role in any type of decoration. If you like art, you choose larger pieces to fill the space.

Boxes decorative colorful

A strong color and vibrant as the yellow chartreuse gives life to this gray space.

The bright colors of these panels without doubt will add vitality to the dinner conversation.

A collection of colorful album covers in a composition with tight gives life to this room.

You can also put multiple pictures to form a square, thus making a composition of a very harmonious.

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Several boxes with the same color or theme

Multiple images in the same color are a staple of pop art. This dining room is white and black vibrates with six prints in bright yellow color.

The pages of a book of botany is fixed to the wall with pins dressmaker. This approach is especially attractive because of the delicacy of the leaves.

Boxes decorative child

A wire in the wall is a great way to display and rotate artwork of the children.

A frieze of chalkboard paint is a brilliant way to encourage the little artist in your home, while allowing a mural in constant change.

Boxes of decorative shelves

You can rotate your collection of art to coordinate with your cushions, and you will never need to make a hole for the nail.

Boxes decorative to low height

To use art as a backdrop for a night table, for example. The landscapes work particularly well, because it helps set the stage for the collection of art objects arranged on the table.

Boxes in 3D

A 3D panel is an alternative texture to the art conventional wall. Let the light and the shadow created all the interest you need.

Wall with many paintings decorative

The tables are the heart and soul of any room. Much that we place the furniture, if we do not put a decorative element in the wall, they appear bare and lifeless. A very common way, is to place a large amount of pictures on a wall.

Here an entire wall contains a collection of works of art. The white and light colors make the composition very happy.



It is important that at the time of placing boxes you know where to put them, because although they are a perfect for completing a decoration, if you get too cluttered or in bad places, they can damage it.

You can place rows of images of landscapes or animals, for example in the hallway. Especially if the hallway is very long. This will help you see much less naked.


Boxes decorative on the bed

Although it is a classic, you can put a large box on the bed with a nice image. According to feng shui, you should not put images of christ or the saints, because they are images that convey a lot of pain.



Boxes on exterior walls

The illustrations are not only for the interior. This great piece provides a stunning backdrop for a conversation in the open air.

How to make a box with marker

For those who have followed our theory that we all have an artist inside, no matter how good or bad it is, today will show you how to bring out the artist from within, to perform a simple task, and that can be a great way if you get a good combination. Yes, you read the title carefully, How to make a box with a marker?

First, you need to get a base for all the work; it could be a sheet, fabric, or wood. Here cast your abilities of abstract art drawing a few lines of the colors that you attract, as in the example in the photo.

Then think about the image you want to paint: this can be a drawing of Dover clip art or can be a design made for you. The way to pass it to the painting it will be using a transfer paper or tracing, which you can get at any stationery. You’ll have to take special care with the same because you spot a lot and don’t want to ruin your picture.

What you’ll do is: put the box, above the same the transfer paper and the top of the mould of your drawing. We recommend you to glue it all with duct tape, as your hands may not touch the paper, otherwise your fingers will be marked in the box.

Having done this, thou shalt bring forth all, and having to figure pre-made, now complete it with a black marker. What to wear?, we wouldn’t dare to recommend any in particular, because they all have good and bad aspects, best ask for a recommendation on the stationery of your neighborhood.

Finally you will notice that the marker is shining, while the paint is opaque, so if you want to finish the work with a good touch, you get gel transparent acrylic to give a past and to achieve more uniformity in the brightness.

How to make a box with a floral arrangement

Today we present a box-floral arrangement that’s more than that it is a true art to the walls. Best of all, it is very simple to carry out and the materials are quite economical; so if you were thinking about any idea that enhances the walls, this can be a very good option to consider.

Within a frame rather large made in wood, are placed on different frames smaller, of those that are sold for portraits. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Of the same hang with caution glass containers of our favorite ways that make the vase, because there we will proceed to place our floral arrangements.

Materials needed

Wooden frames, or wood, to proceed to make them.Containers of glass, as many as the number of frames in wood small we are.Piola rustic to tie the containers of glass in the frames.Paint if you so wish-to give color or shine to the wood.And our flowers favorite dried, so that the floral arrangements are completely our taste.A grid of a size a little higher than that of the larger picture.


Once you have all the necessary materials, you must tie every one of the frames, little one, or as many containers of glass as desired, by means of a rope that could well be rustic (if that is the style that you want to achieve). Then place these small frames on a support which you must previously have done with a wooden frame of larger size and in which you should have provided a grid covering the surface, which can present the draft that they like.

To end once and soon all of the support, you must proceed to placing it on the wall and then place the flowers in containers.


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