The small spaces are a problem with which we have to deal with many people day-to-day, with the only search to make them as usable as possible, trying to cover the most amount of functions in each element that we use. It is for this reason that we will see a simple beds for small bedrooms, that can be a great solution to this problem.

Beds for small bedrooms

Beds multifunction

Take advantage of all the space against the walls

That is the secret of this type of bed. The space against the wall is used to maximum advantage, leaving more square feet free in the center of the bedroom, creating a sense of spaciousness and a lot more comfort.

We can find excellent designs, like these by Sergi Mengot, which are one of the best today.

In this image below, we see a bed, with the desk attached, which allows you to take advantage of the corner of the bedroom to the fullest. Shelves hung on the wall are also a solution to the lack of space.

Take advantage of the space under the bed

When the space that is needed is not so much, you can choose the option of a bed somewhat higher, which contains drawers for storage and an extra mattress, so when they come friends to sleep at home. In the bottom photo, the closet is next to the bed, which in turn, is coupled to the desktop.

If there is a greater need of space, you can opt for a bed that does not include extra mattress, but that has several drawers more to keep clothing, towels, bedding, and shoes, among many other things. A series of shelves on the wall, are also a great option.

Raised beds

Now, if the lack of space is really important, especially if it is more of a person sleeping in the same room, the best idea is to place a bed of height, that has a meter and a half high, and below is a large wardrobe for storing clothes and personal belongings of the people who inhabit the bedroom.

In addition to the options of bed, Sergi, the charge of these designs, offers shelves modular hanging from the wall and that can be arranged the way that you want because they are cubes that are placed one over another, depending on how many are needed.

Beds folding

Without a doubt, the beds folding wall are ideal to make the most of the space. The bed is usually occupy many square feet, and usually, only used a few hours to 8 hours to overnight, so this footage is unusable during the day. For this reason, the beds foldaway are an option to consider if you want to take advantage of that space.

Modern designs

If you are in the search of solutions to the little space you have at home, then maybe you could go looking at some of the ideas proposed Espace Loggia, through its magnificent wall beds, ideal for mono environments, small spaces or rooms of small dimensions, in which it is essential that we recover that space when not in use the bed. They are a very modern aesthetic.

Basically, they are the classic bed that many times we see in the movies, in which are taken out of cabinets, and assembled magically during the night, thus avoiding having to take up space the rest of the day. But you observe well, you can see a clear difference and that is that these models aim to occupy a space that is not used, which is not the case with the cabinets, they are never other.

The idea is to install a lucky lanes against the wall, to which is attached the bed. When it is necessary to use it, it will move to the lower part of the lane; in the meantime, for the rest of the day, you’ll be able to upload and crease at the top of the wall, near the ceiling, thus allowing to use the space below for any other activity that may be most useful during the day.

It should be noted that the system provides all the security and that might be under the bed without fear, because it is specially designed so that your weight is supported by the wall studs.

Classic designs

We see then, are the company’s Foundation. The designs are more traditional in style, but very interesting to take into account. It has a system that allows you to adjust the bed as the years pass, for this reason it becomes heavy to lower and raise.

On its website you can find many options, both of a square or two. With shelves, desk, or closet built-in, really the options are many and varied. We show you some of the models that you can find.

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