Send the children to bed, or to do their homework, can become a daily suffering, either because they do not want to sleep or because you don’t like your room. A good way to encourage kids to do their daily chores, it is decorated with nice and funny. It comes to bedding, furniture, and decorative accessories to create children’s bedrooms theme.

bedroom theme

What child would not like to go to sleep at a room that reminds him of his movie or favorite character?. Below you will find a lot of ideas that can help you to choose a theme for your child.


These beds can delight your child at bedtime and want you to get that time to get into bed.

A dresser whose drawers are like a bag of old, a wooden chest rustic wallpaper with boats and a lamp that evokes a light boat, help to create a mood naval.

Children’s story

Stories can also help us to recreate a bedroom full of fantasy.


There are available a lot of furniture and accessories, different thematic in the decoration shops. One of the most interesting solutions and simple to create a suitable atmosphere are the various wall stickers, we also have a great advantage: they are not very expensive.

You can also create a mural with the favorite character of your child. Although you could be more creative and try to find a bed or any furniture unusual to add more originality to the design of children’s bedroom and can complete the look of the room theme.


For football lovers, there are also options that are very eye-catching.

Beds car

Toy cars may also be a source of inspiration for the design of a bed.


The theme of camping, outdoors, animals, vegetation, and shops to sleep can also be a source of inspiration.

The wigwams are very fashionable, they are easy to get or make, and give the bedroom that touch of fun that young kids will love.


Without a doubt, are the beds that play with the imagination of your child and also help to not have to be rompiéndonos head to see which decor will use in their bedrooms.

They are so decorative that with a simple pelmet or box on the wall, the room is ready.

Games room

We can be inspired by the children’s games and use bold colors, and will accomplish decor fun that will be a hit with all the children.


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