These past few months kitchens have become the hub of any home. What used to be a place restricted to the use for food, it has become the base of operations for any family as we have moved to telework or study near the stove. Beating weight to the living room or dining room, are becoming more and more proposals for open kitchens or multifunctional where integrating the multiple habits.

As it says Joan Roca “the kitchen is a place for fun, a playful space where play and interpret”, and to do it should be a place harmonious you transmit to us, and may he favor this interpretation.

However, due to its conception during the last few decades, each time we have gone it was smaller spaces and narrow, in most cases, nothing functional. Therefore, if you do not want to get into reforms or, simply, cannot beat those inches that you would like to let you 5 tricks with which you can achieve this breadth we yearn for.

Power storage


Power storage

Any kitchen dedicates the majority of his furniture in storage. If we also take into account that this is ‘small’ it is necessary to maximize this as every inch counts. To gain space is essential good organization of the kitchen. We are not only referring to drawers or cabinets, nowadays, there are many specific modules of storage to the inside of the cabinets.

Use storage elements within the furniture we will also help to achieve a diaphanous space free of elements that interfere with visually, thus a tidy kitchen.

Kitchen: Saints

Reduce distances


Reduce distances

The activity the kitchen is usually the center on triangle of activity that form the cooking zone, the cleaning zone and the cold zone. The smaller the distance between these three points, the lower the displacement and optimize the tasks. This closeness gives the feeling of working concentration that favors the distribution of the space and encourages a sense of spaciousness. To do this it is best to distribute the kitchen L-shaped or Or, which enhance the space by releasing the center.

Photo: Neolith

More lighting


More lighting

The best thing would be to have a good natural light. A kitchen with large windows grows by itself. If this is not possible, we can always resort to lighting systems. The a sense of spaciousness they provide is immediate: led strips under cabinets, lamps, ceiling… everything is small when what you want is to get the space to increase.

In addition to the light if we opted for kitchens with finishes in high gloss or neutral tones, or whites, is filled with the light of this room and our kitchen will seem endless.

Photo: Brico Decor

The triumph of minimalism


The triumph of minimalism

This victory was achieved in part thanks to the storage. The empty space elements the kitchen wins in amplitude. The clean lines and soberin addition in light colors, allow us to gain space visually. Details such as integrated handles can help us to reduce the weight of the items, freeing up space. The less loaded appears the environment more great look in our kitchen.

Photo: Santos

Without sacrificing the details


Without sacrificing the details

Already based on the simple lines in small kitchens is preferable enhance the wall tiles or floor coverings, with the air of a decorative, triumph ceramic, laminate, vinyl, smooth, shine, effect, mosaic, stone, wood, marble or cement. Furthermore, if you have chosen furniture clear or neutral, you can take advantage of to give the note of color.

The furniture can be chosen in all formats. It is ideal to look for a certain contrast between the furniture and worktop to create this sense of rupture in the space. In turn, countertops of high-strength and anti stains are gaining ground. A wide variety of colours and finishes very transparent, have a greater durability and ease of care are giving you a flawless look to the kitchen.

Photo: Consentino

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