The living room is a perfect place for those who want to gather friends, and family. The bar for a living room that is great for decorative and functional. Although it takes up little space, and the pub is a key part of the decor and should be in line with the concept of the design that is chosen. But which mobile to choose? That is the model of the bar and into the living room prints, best for your style?

The Live Decorate your guide to digital design and decoration with architecture, has prepared a special article with the tips, and templates to the bar for a living room that is going to give up the décor of your home. The models from the bar to the living room, ranging from the economic to the most sophisticated. Check the top trends:

The concept of the use of mirrors in decoration is very common in the current project, as it improved the lighting of the environment, and produces an optical illusion, giving the impression that the bar is higher, and the room as well.

The simplicity and sophistication to your décor

bar para sala

A table with a glass surface into a flat screen tv for the living room

In addition to the bottles, drinks, cups, and bowls, for the mobile, it is a sideboard, a buffet for the dining room, on shelves, or in the other, you’ll also get decorated with flowers that are arranged in a vessel with a modern design. Even following along with the sophistication of this model is a bar to the living room, the designer has inserted a mirror and of similar size to the table. Please Note that the tray was sufficient for the mounting of the bar, and, of course, furniture and items around to have a touch of unpretentious and sophisticated look to your bar.

The hotel Bar for a living room with a Led light on the

bar for living room

The model-of-screen tv for the living room built-in to the home, with the light from the Led.

This is the template for bar living room is highly fashionable and very gentle. Please note that the space is reserved for the bar, and does not prevent the spread of the room, to avoid the risk of esbarrões at the bar. In addition to the cristaleira, the play of light is critical to note that the professional has used the feature to the Led light: an item that gives a special charm to the piece.

Turn your closet in to a beautiful bar

bar for living room

The classic design of the bar that connects the two rooms.

Please Note that this pattern is more traditional, but it is very charming. Here, a cabinet into a bar. The small amount of space that is used up in the corner of the room, it allows for there to be an integral part of the dining room and the living room. And, if that is the space is larger than this, you may also want to add other items, such as a refrigerator or a wine cellar.

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