The bar in the living room, can be easily installed into a corner of the room, and is ideal to serve up for the visits, and ensures that the organization and comfort you. In the feature, the visitor of class is the key to a romantic dinner. In addition to all of the attributes of the functional, to the bar in the living room custom décor, and it creates an atmosphere and relaxing environment.

bar for living room

The bar in the living room it takes up very little space, and it emphasizes the concept of rustic decoration.

The staff of the Live Panels will assist in the decoration of the bar in the living room. Open your mind to ideas and practices on how to set up a bar in the room, even in the houses and apartments are short on space. Check it out!

Bar-room environments to the compact.

All the apartments and houses are getting smaller and smaller, to the fact that it does not preclude the installation of a bar in the living room. You probably will not need to purchase a piece of furniture, to installing on the visitor. Because of the glass, a tray, a few decorations, cups, glasses and the drinks are selected, can fulfill the role of the bar to the living room.

bar for living room

Living room modern, with a bar that is installed in the bottom of a bench, a mirror.

You can recycle a filing cabinet, vertical, cristaleira, or even the side to ride on the bar. To replace the door of a cabinet and the front of the drawer, for acrylic painting, you must install a mirror in the background, and then apply a strip of leds. Is it possible to install it in a cellar, suspended in a wall, an enhancement of the low-cost, and can also be replaced with shelves and cubes, the funds in the mirror.

bar for living room

Hubs and niche bound to turn into a bar in the living room.

The visitor in the living room with cabinet built-in to the dining room

Living / dining room, with a contemporary design that emphasizes the beauty and the comfort.

Living / dining room, with a contemporary design that emphasizes the beauty and the comfort.

In addition to the reuse of furniture, you may choose to purchase from a visitor under the measure. Please Note that in the above project, and the bar takes up a space that is likely to be empty in the dining room. Once again, the capability of the power that was used to enlarge the field of vision, and you leave the pub’s most charming.

Small pub with a wine cellar

bar for living room

The strategic location of the bar, and a TV next to the table for dinner, and allow for greater comfort and convenience.

The project uses one piece of furniture planned, with a wine cellar, decoration items that bring sophistication and functionality.

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