New York is the city of skyscrapers for excellence. One of the cities largest in the world and there are a wide range of styles that reflect the architectural traditions of the past centuries. In fact, among its streets we can still find buildings of the late NINETEENTH century as the residence updated Central Park West (Manhattan) that forms part of a block of apartments in neo-renaissance highly prized.

The rehabilitation work began with certain difficulties due to the restrictions that protect the legacy of the building. Taking into account this aspect and exceeding any expectations, the interior designer Rodney Lawrence managed to turn an apartment into a annex office modern and sophisticated that impresses by its harmony and elegance in every detail

The apartment is more than 400 meters away, respond to the professional needs of the customer, which has a life quite busy and I wanted a guest area wide to be able to make it their private meetings without impediments.


The interesting aspect of the reform is how they have kept some details prior to the rehabilitation. For example, the infrastructure updates manage to create an environment that combines the rooms of the prewar era with a unique style of the TWENTIETH century. Prioritizing comfort, Lawrence decided to go for a contemporary design and sophisticated.

The inspiration of this project is to be found in the concept of an elegant hotel suite. The interior designer was looking for that same taste and refinement, and, for this reason, decided to redistribute the balance between the living spaces and professionals, this two-bedroom apartment.

The opening of the living room leaving as a result a elegant meeting space with capacity for up to eight people comfortably, with a dining area and a fully equipped kitchenette. A bedroom, a bathroom and a private office is what is left of the footprint of the original apartment. A residence floor plan filled with natural light that stands out as a quiet refuge, despite being located just past the busy city and Central Park.

Rigor classic and contemporary


Rigor classic and contemporary

The classical rigor and the contemporary world as captivating are the basis of the work of Rodney Lawrence. With strokes, bold and simple, the lines and masses of the furniture suggest points of conversation or contemplation, as we can see in this image.

Subtle textures, and warm tones


Subtle textures, and warm tones

The dining room stands out for the subtle textures, and colors that make up both the coatings of the walls and the furniture. In him we can find in warm tones such as jewelry, and even a palette inspired by the exquisite light pendant in the dining area: a piece of glass tile Tiffany Turtleback rare, which is part of the collection of the customer’s personal.

Bathroom a distinctive and personal


Bathroom a distinctive and personal

In the bathroom we still find that original touch of a building that has over a century of history. The lines of the different elements of bathroom faucets coming together under light-colored and thin to give classicism to the space.

Harmony seamless


Harmony seamless

As with the rest of the house, also in the bedroom, each design element binds together a practical and sophisticated that gives the apartment that feeling of connection and harmony without cracks.

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