The order and cleanliness are the standard basis of many households. Without some organization, the houses become areas of passage, and accumulation. That is why it is very important that each space to save a certain order that not only allows us to find things more easily, but also we can save the maximum every corner. And the kitchen is an example of this. In particular, the fridge, an electrical appliance that will allow us to save more products food and much more ordained to be. Because here, yes that matter the space. Further to the provision of certain elements in this.

Some time ago we talked about how to cook efficiently, and save money on bills, now this is how to take advantage of the space your fridge. To begin with, you should be aware of its size and the possibilities that it can offer you. Moreover, bear in mind that every part of the fridge is one way and has different functions depending on the type of food that you want to deposit. For example, in the top you can save the food that you’re going to take before or those that may expire soon. Since then, have them view will help you take before. It would be products such as meat, pasta, vegetables, purees or fruit.

Order in the fridge

It is important as we say save the space. Allow yourself to be help by the accessories and store products such as the fruit or vegetables in any of the drawers of the fridge to keep them best, as they are more delicate, so you don’t have why to have them as the view. These add-ons, together with some plastic trays help you to save products that sometimes if we open it is best to keep them covered as is the case of the meat. Having a tray or tupperware great for the cold cuts is such a great option to stay all together.

The lower part of the fridge it is the best place to put those fresh products need more cold: trays of meat, luncheon meat, fish. Another space that you could take advantage to the maximum is the refrigerator door. In it are the foods that can withstand constant changes of temperature. An example of this can be eggs, which you can also right out of the package that comes from the supermarket, and introduced into any of the hueveras that already include with them the fridges. The door is also a good place to deposit the butter, jams, or glass bottles open.

The end everything is arranged. See what we want to consume before, what you can spend more time open and look for a gap in the fridge. Might as well get you to open your appetite for more, and cooking can be turned into a game, or in that moment of break in the middle of the routine.

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