Tubs exempt, bathrooms integrated in the bedroom, spas, at home, wallpapers, and wall art, natural elements, geometric patterns, wood panelling… This 2020 has brought us new and unique trends in the bathroom they have come to stay and to help us convert that space of the house so functional in almost a new living room. Because if something has changed in the bathroom in the last decade has been precisely that conversion to a new room is not designed solely to the toilet, its traditional function, but also for relaxation, well-being and, even, and leisure.

And, although the first thing that we must look to the time to choose and combine the elements that make up our bathroom is on its functionality, now the design also plays a vital role to create this environment so intimate, convenient, and staff that should reign in the toilet.

In addition, the bathroom furniture, coatings or decorative items that are often carried all of our attention by their presence and by their volume, today we’re going to look at another piece that can mark a before and an after in the sink: the thorough choice of the faucet properly. Because, although it may seem like an insignificant detail, the faucets are able to provide an extra touch of glamour, sophistication and design to any bathroom, besides being a key element in energy efficiency and water consumption regards.

In fact, according to the type of faucet you choose, your water consumption can range up to 50% less, a percentage that will also reduce your water bill and that will contribute to making a more sustainable and eco-friendly of this valuable natural resource.

Efficiency, innovation, and responsible consumption of water

These are the three keys that must condition the choice of faucet for washbasin, a shower, a bathtub and a bidet perfect, and that, of course, we add to the excellence in the design, which you get by default if you opt directly for a manufacturer of quality and trust. In that sense, the new collection of bathroom faucets Sanycces Water Rituals we have fallen in love with not only for its minimalist design, elegant, mediterranean and more adapted to the trends of the moment but also for the use of the latest technologies for the efficient management of water. The consumption of sustainable, responsible, and safe water is now possible thanks to these new systems:

Cold openfor the aperture in the cold of their monomandos to sink: in centered position, the faucet is supplied cold water, which is converted in warm water if we make a slight rotation to the left. A movement that helps to provide more energy awareness to the user.

Safe Touchto avoid burns: very useful especially if we have children or elderly people at home, as this provision allows you to maintain the body of the faucet is always cold regardless of the temperature of the water.

This new collection offers us a new way to interact with the water safely, intuitive, sustainable and conscious, through designs that make use of high quality raw materials, treated with the latest technology and a high capacity of customization.

Now let’s have an eye to your design, designed to offer the user with the maximum customization through bodies fitting sanybox for the fittings murals: universal and independent of the part view, allow you to install any series, in any finish, in the same body. What is your favorite?

Series Loop, high and sophisticated design


Series Loop, high and sophisticated design

Its proportions, encounters, and details give it a porte unique architectural. In a perfect harmony, the stylized handle LOOP integrates with the shape of the spout in a sophisticated set. Features a total of 6 different finishes with two types of handles, allowing the user to customize their faucet according to your style and needs. A unique piece, highly aesthetic, meant to conquer the profiles that are more demanding.

Series Cube, for lovers of geometry and modernity


Series Cube, for lovers of geometry and modernity

Inspiration geometric and strong personality. Cube provides us with functionality through a practical design with a lot of presence. Their finished in bright chrome or matte black, make it perfect for achieving a modern style, sober and elegant.

Series Air, for a relaxed and natural


Series Air, for a relaxed and natural

A simple design and vaporous that reminds us of the mediterranean’s most rural and sophisticated. The cylindrical body of the faucet Air unites with the pipe rectangular in a unique encounter, creating a set smooth and in balance. Its handle ultra-slim provides lightness and design, compatible for washbasin, bidet and bath, we are transported to environments relaxed and calm.

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