The comprehensive reform of this triplex, located in the calle Ganduxer, Barcelona traps us in its light and its design in the hands of the interior design studio from Barcelona Tinda”s Project. A space that the owner stopped renting to turn it into your home and that would be marked by the functionality and elegance.

These were some of the premises that received the head of the project Eva Table before you put on with the process of comprehensive reform. The transformation happened first by rethinking the living space. A particular flat that has a large surface area for a work -around 140 square metres useful-but, on the other hand, has a very compartmentalized.

In fact, the results of the project link to full the demands of the owner, for whom, what was important was to get stays open, and large practices where you can breathe an atmosphere of calm. This is just what has been achieved with this reform, which, to their credit, has a surface area the less special, because the floor is a triplex that is presented with stockings plants that give a lot of game for distribution.

It is important to note that the floor, specifically located in the upper part of the city and at a height of seventh floor (actually a 14th), with views of the front and back, is perfectly located for light to pour. So, with this renewal is raised to the maximum advantage of the natural light that already received the house to create a comfortable space and diaphanous.

A home which responds to the model stays open, and large practices where you can breathe an atmosphere of calm

The natural light enhances the spatial amplitude

To get the natural light to enter the interior of the house, the first thing you did was throw out walls to open the space, generating stays large and airy share a variety of uses. Given the distribution of the average plant and care for a same thread as aesthetic and chromatic, with this, we have also achieved that, at a glance, the housing is, as a single environment.

The second step was to open more windows to let in more light and boost the visual amplitude, and the feeling of relaxation, the keys on the main objective of the project. Once implemented, these two interventions in work, the next decision is focused on the distribution of the surface to respond to the needs of the owner, who lives alone and seeks especially to your day-to-day is very practical.

As we have been able to move forward, a comprehensive reform of this triplex is characterized by the search of wide open spaces, where converge different functionalities daily in the same environment, without jumps visual or aesthetic. But how can this be achieved?

This is to use a palette linear adequate, in which you match the colors but also the textures of the materials. And it influences a lot the fact that everything is made to measure, from the furniture to the upholstery,” says Eva Table.

An obvious example is in the living room and the kitchen, which share the same lacquer clear to the fronts of the furniture, as well as the details of some of the pieces in oak wood-stained. In fact, for the owner was very important to the practicality of the housing will also apply to the materials, from the point of view of the cleaning even. For this reason, the furniture and textile custom for the project will not only increase the pleasant sensation that all the rooms, making it easier for the day-to-day, without sacrificing elegance.

We will show now, step by step, how it has prepared a comprehensive reform of this floor located in the upper part of the city of Barcelona and that we have them dazzled by its nature as an open and practical. In addition to 100% elegant.

Living room and kitchen in a single room


Living room and kitchen in a single room

As we enter the living room and the kitchen, which they are united, the first thing that is noticeable is a atmosphere is harmonious and relaxing. To achieve this aesthetic have been used neutral tones that predominate as a soft gray, white and, especially, the natural color of the wood, both in the furnishings, such as in coatings and add-ons decorative.

The kitchen and the living room is distributed rather as a unique environment but delimited by two elements: the island which, in addition to the glass-ceramic houses the dining table with stools, and the sofa of almost four meters, which gives an idea of the dimensions of the space.

The reading nook


The reading nook

In a corner next to the staircase appears another seating area to mode of reading nook, with a daybed upholstery like the sofa and looking out to the terrace. By matching the colour tones, even in the case of spaces of different uses, it makes the set look more integrated.

A desk with natural light


A desk with natural light

Eight steps up access to the rest area of the housing. What would be the distributor or foyer has been designed to firm and has been raised by opening it to the fullest.

How? Acristalando the lower part of the wall that looks out to the living room. Thus, the visual continuity, but also the natural light are guaranteed while the owner works at home.

The large suite of nearly 30 metres


The large suite of nearly 30 metres

With character as more intimate, in this third floor is located a stay devoted to meditation and the large suite of almost 30 square meters even includes a dry sauna and a tub-exempt.

The neutral aesthetic of the plant social replicated here, but giving way to a certain prominence of the gray mouse so characteristic of Tinda”s Project, implemented in the upholstery of the headboard, the ceramic wall of the bathroom, and the lakes of the bedroom closets.

A bedroom with all the comforts


A bedroom with all the comforts

Now we step to the bed, located in the center of the room. Is framed in the head by a low wall that does not reach the ceiling with the end of to enhance the effect of the diaphanousand the same happens with the glass walls of the shower, the toilet, and even a sauna.

Ascending in the catalog Pantone arrived at the black, an ally of the elegance that the suite was chosen to break with the linear chromatic, and is applied on parts such as the radiator, the fittings, the frame of the mirrors, and the profile of the tile.

The ladder: a piece of the interior design


The ladder: a piece of the interior design

Finally, we focus on the staircase that is so well-integrated that manages to go unnoticed, beyond their practical function of connecting the two floors.

This has been achieved thanks to the fact that the steps have been coated in the same parquet oak bleached the pavement of the floor and the railing is now glass, making it much more lightweight and facilitating the visual continuity that becomes one more piece of the interior design and not as an element of another.

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A triplex urban, functional and elegant, located in the upper part of Barcelona

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